Kinectimals screenshot
Kinectimals screenshot

Q: Will we see Kinect bundled with the new Xbox 360 250GB model in the UK?

NT: Well, that all ties in with the pricing set of decisions and everything else, so we'll have to wait until we decide on those elements before we figure out what we're going to do with that.

Q: During your conference you announced the new Xbox 360 is hitting US shops this week. When will it be out in the UK?

NT: It'll be released in the UK on July 16, and it'll be at the current estimated retail price of 199 Sterling and 249 Euros in Ireland.

Q: Why is it coming out later in the UK than the US?

NT: There are just a lot of logistical issues in terms of shipping around Europe and shipping product into Europe and the registration processes we go through in Europe. It's just a logistic thing that we have to work through. At any point we have to make sure we have enough consoles in any market to launch with, and so you have to get your production volumes right. It's a combination of a whole set of factors we have to put in place to make sure that we're not accused on day one that we didn't bring enough product in. We just have to make that balance work. It's not going to be a long wait. It's a few weeks. So, hopefully people will still be excited about it.

Q: With Kinect and the new Xbox 360 and the exclusive titles you showed during your conference, how do you feel the 360 stacks up compared to the PS3?

NT: I think we're uniquely placed. It's as simple as that. I don't think any other platform is transforming entertainment in the way we are. Be it from the core content, the LIVE services, or the new technology we're bringing through Kinect, a brand new console as well, and you add all those elements up, I don't think anybody's offering this year to the consumer the range and depth of experiences and innovative entertainment experiences we are. We feel very confident we have a very compelling offer to consumers. We hope we can convince them to enjoy the platform.

Q: Sony's PlayStation Move incorporates a controller, which has led some to say it's like the Wii. Firstly, would you agree with that? Secondly, is Kinect significantly ahead of the PS Move because it's full body motion?

NT: Kinect is full body motion. Kinect is voice recognition. Kinect is facial recognition. And it's a combination of all of those elements that make it truly unique. You don't have anything in your hand to get in the way of you and the entertainment experience you want to have. So anything that can make that interaction as natural as is humanly possible, or mechanically possible in this sense, I think is totally differentiating from what other people are doing. That's why I think we are transforming what's happening in entertainment, whereas maybe what some of our competitors are doing isn't quite as transformational as that. It's interesting, obviously. What they're doing is interesting. But it's just not transformation in quite the same way as what we're doing.

Q: When we first saw Kinect last year, it suggested we could have a conversation with something that doesn't exist. Speaking frankly, is that really possible in a convincing way?

NT: When people see it there is an element of, you have to see it in action to believe it, because it is so transformational and it is so innovative. Someone coined a phrase earlier that I quite liked: it's moving away from you having to figure out how to work the technology to moving towards the technology is figuring out how you work. That's the fundamental change in this, I think. Some people may argue that we've been somewhat slaves to technology in the past, where we've had to learn all of the complicated motion controls to get the thing to do what we wanted to do. Now the technology's being much smarter and just learning from what we do. That's the element that blows people's minds, I think.

The idea that you are communicating and it does recognise you and you've got this much deeper richer interactive experience, it is true, and it is amazing, and it is magical, and people look at it and they do say, wow, that is tomorrow's world today. It is phenomenal.

Kinect Sports screenshot

Q: The suggestion last year was that the technology will be able to detect your emotions through facial recognition. Is that the case?

NT: It will certainly evolve in that way where based on the facial recognition and what you're doing it will get to a point where it will tell if you're smiling or not smiling. Whether that's built into gaming technology from day one, maybe not. But this is the sort of explosive creative opportunity that is in front of us, I think; all of these different types of experiences that people can have. We saw today the fitness game, the fact that you're physically having to do everything and it's as if you have a personal trainer right next to you, it's not just a video game you're trying to manipulate, this is real life activity. This is real life interaction. That's going to be the real differentiator, I think, for this product and this technology.

Q: At the end of your conference you announced that you would be giving everyone in the audience a new Xbox 360. Why did you do that?

NT: Because we want to ensure everyone enjoys and understands the transformation we're going through. It probably is a thank you for a lot of people that have been very supportive of the platform. It's our tenth anniversary. It's a great time to say to people, we're going through a transformation, we've shown you some amazing things, we want you to go and enjoy some of these amazing things. That's really the reason. It's just a nice thing to do, and we're very nice people [laughs].

Kinect will be out in the UK in November. The Xbox 360 250GB will be out on July 16.

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User Comments

SexyJams's Avatar


Awesome interview guys!
Posted 13:47 on 15 June 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ draytone

Looks can be deceiving.
Posted 13:43 on 15 June 2010
draytone's Avatar


It Microsoft they won't settle until they have accomplished world domination, but with that said I still think Kinect looks better that the PS Move.
Posted 12:20 on 15 June 2010
K3RT's Avatar


My gripe isn't that they want both casual and core markets its that the Kinect was only aimed at the one side if they had shown all them games and then showed some more games which were good then I would have been pleased but even the Star Wars games looked rubbish.
Posted 12:11 on 15 June 2010
WhoIsThePresidentNow's Avatar

WhoIsThePresidentNow@ K3RT

Well thats where the real money is I'm afraid mate. People like us are probs like 5% of the market.
Execs look at numbers rather than product or creativity.

"Oh look at what someone else is doing. If I add the same thing to our product, give it a new name, that will take Nintendo's share of the market"

Overpaid morons dude.
Posted 12:06 on 15 June 2010
draytone's Avatar


And Microsoft must have done something right in the first place, otherwise you wouldn't have invested so much time and money into your xbox.
Posted 12:03 on 15 June 2010
draytone's Avatar

draytone@ K3RT

The whole Core gamers versus Casual gamers arguement has been going on for awhile now. Microsoft want both markets not one or the other.

Games like Gears of War 3 appeal to core gamers, and I wouldn't expect really good non-casual games for at least another year.
Posted 12:01 on 15 June 2010
K3RT's Avatar


I would consider myself to be a core gamer like a lot of other people I've spent a small fortune on my 360.

I have around about 80-90 titles plus about 35 XBLA titles I've got pretty much all the accessories they have released ie steering wheel, wireless adapters, messenger kit etc etc so in my opinion I'm the type of gamer who Microsoft should be trying to convince to purchase there new add on.

But judging by there awful E3 presentation its safe to say there marketing it directly at casual and none gamers if they really think that real gamers want to stroke a pretend tiger then they can think again yes the game will be good for little kids but every title they showed was just as bad I mean dancing and fitness? Its obvious why they have done it and thats because they want the part of the market that Nintendo has managed to crack but do they really think that all the people that have bought Wii's are suddenly going to by 360's and the Kinect add on?

Shooting themselves in the foot if you ask me.
Posted 11:40 on 15 June 2010
draytone's Avatar


Q: Sony's PlayStation Move incorporates a controller, which has led some to say it's like the Wii. Firstly, would you agree with that? Secondly, is Kinect significantly ahead of the PS Move because it's full body motion?

I really enjoyed that question, really good interview VG. I want a free 360 :)
Posted 11:36 on 15 June 2010
Karlius's Avatar


Very probing questions really liked this Q&A write up cheers VG!
Posted 11:28 on 15 June 2010

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