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Killer Instinct is getting a retail release

Box includes code to unlock Season Two's TJ Combo.

2 Publish date Yesterday, 17:18pm

How much does it cost to launch an Xbox One indie game?

ID@Xbox dev reveals full breakdown.

Publish date 11:39am at 30 Jul 2014

Now TV now available on Xbox One

Sky's subscription service available on both next-gen consoles.

2 Publish date 10:46am at 30 Jul 2014

Titanfall's next title update improves Xbox One frame rate, introduces SLI support on PC

Bandwidth and performance optimisations hidden in title update 5.

Publish date 10:19am at 30 Jul 2014

Kinect-less Xbox One will help Microsoft 'regain lost ground'

But Rogue Legacy dev thinks it'll be difficult to 'justify investing' in Kinect after being removed from the box.

Publish date 3:01pm at 29 Jul 2014

Halo: Nightfall gets first trailer - and a major new character for series future

New Halo character Locke to play 'major role' in Halo 5: Guardians.

Publish date 11:37am at 25 Jul 2014

New Scalebound info coming next week

UPDATE: Or maybe not.

2 Publish date 1:01pm at 24 Jul 2014

Titanfall: Frontier's Edge releases on Xbox One & PC next week

Second DLC dated for next Thursday.

Publish date 11:30am at 24 Jul 2014

Xbox One is getting a minor change to its boot screen

It's one of those news days, alright?

Publish date 11:11am at 24 Jul 2014

Titanfall adds in-game currency – but Respawn promises to stay away from microtransactions

Update 5 to introduce a new Black Market, rolling out soon.

Publish date 9:51am at 24 Jul 2014

Killer Instinct Ultra & Powerstar Golf are this week's Xbox One Deals with Gold

While Dark Souls 2, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and loads more get reduced on Xbox 360.

Publish date 2:47pm at 23 Jul 2014

Xbox One August update adds revamped Friends area & enables 3D Blu-ray

And finally introduces a low battery notification for your controller.

Publish date 9:51am at 21 Jul 2014

Working with Microsoft is "perfect" according to Xbox One indie dev

Indie devs paint a rosier picture of working with Microsoft.

Publish date 12:23pm at 18 Jul 2014

Titanfall's fourth major update coming to Xbox 360 on Monday

New modes, bug fixes and more coming next week.

Publish date 11:19am at 18 Jul 2014
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