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xbox app -

The Xbox Smartglass app, which allows Xbox One users to use their mobile, tablet or Windows 8 PC as a second screen device, will launch on November 22, Microsoft has confirmed.

The app will be available to download for free on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android devices.

Xbox Smartglass lets Xbox One users check their achievements, watch Game DVR videos and message their Xbox Live friends. The app can also function directly with Xbox One games, displaying game tips or bespoke content.

Battlefield 4, for example, uses Smartglass to display an image of the current map, while Dead Rising 3 reskins the device to act as an in-game phone.

Xbox One launches on November 22.


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User Comments

GQRDY's Avatar

GQRDY@ FantasyMeister

I got an Ipad 4 when I was in America on summer holidays , excited to use it with that
Posted 15:43 on 08 November 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ FantasyMeister

You'll only need to do that if you own an xbox one surely? Looks like I need a new app then.
Posted 13:55 on 08 November 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ GQRDY

Cheers! I'll look forward to the 'This application is incompatible with your device' later on then. I should really upgrade...
Posted 13:45 on 08 November 2013
GQRDY's Avatar

GQRDY@ FantasyMeister

just in case you were wondering found this on Xbox wire

XW: How do you get Xbox One SmartGlass?
RP: The free Xbox One SmartGlass app is separate from the Xbox 360 app. The Xbox One SmartGlass app will be available for download this holiday on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android devices.
Posted 13:25 on 08 November 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I was confused too, I've already got Smartglass on my HTC so wondering what this one is, new or upgrade?
Posted 12:21 on 08 November 2013
GQRDY's Avatar


so this isn't just going to be an upgrade of the already available app? im looking forward to using it trued the current one on Forza horizon but wouldn't load.
Posted 11:58 on 08 November 2013
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