xbox one hardware -
xbox one hardware -

The November 27 release date given to Xbox One by Amazon is a "placeholder date", Microsoft has stated.

Speaking to EGM, Microsoft confirmed that it had "not informed [its] retail partners about a specific launch date for the Xbox One," adding that "it is commonplace for retailers to put placeholders dates and prices into our system until they are given a specific date and price.

"We are excited to release the Xbox One in November 2013."

Amazon US updated its listing for Xbox One – and a variety of launch games – to include the November 27 date last week, prompting speculation that the retailer had outed the console's release date.

Microsoft has yet to announce a specific release date for Xbox One. The console launches this November.

Source: EGM

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So if one console was launched say 10 days before the other, and their was stock, would you switcheroo? Nah....but if GTA5 was had a 1 month window lead on one console...that changes everything.
Posted 15:17 on 24 June 2013
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