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Xbox One is dropping the Xbox 360's 'Guide' interface, Microsoft has confirmed.

Instead, pressing the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller will now take players directly to the dashboard, shrinking down whatever content they're currently running to the background.

Xbox LIVE's Larry Hryb and corporate VP Marc Whitten discussed the changes to the Xbox interface on this week's Major Nelson podcast.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I became accustomed to the new dashboard and the fact that when I hit the Xbox button whatever I'm doing shrinks down, and all of a sudden there's the whole dashboard," said Hryb.

"The fun thing about 360 – and we've been doing this for a long time – is you had the dashboard and you had the Guide, but you couldn't get to the rest of the dashboard because then you would leave your game behind," added Whitten.

"Now that it's all one thing, and all of the power of Xbox is there right behind that Xbox button, ready for you to say 'Xbox home', 'Xbox resume game', your ability to go instantly in and out of that, it just changes how free you feel moving in between experiences."

Whitten also confirmed that the Xbox One GPU's clock speed had been improved by 6 per cent since E3, increasing from 800MHz to 853MHz, and that final dev kits were now in the hands of the developers.

Xbox One launches this November.


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User Comments

1tch's Avatar


This is good news
Posted 12:51 on 03 August 2013
Tekkers101's Avatar


I'll miss the guide but this will be really fast i think, the console is optimised for multi-tasking so it should be great !!
Posted 07:02 on 03 August 2013


On the downside: ads.

Beyond simple resource limitations, I'd bet this is another reason for it.

I used the guide for many things, even from the dashboard, such as browsing achievements or accessing the system settings simply because it was such a straight forward interface.
You got to what you wanted quickly.
Look at the difference between how your friends are displayed on the dashboard compared to a simple list in the guide.

Now I'm not one of those people that really laments the original Xbox 360 Dashboard.
(Remember that, with the blades?)
But that was in part because the guide remained.

Aside from the ads, this is also another area where Kinect is sure to come into play.
When you've build your interface around voice commands as an integrated part of the experience, you're probably not going to think as hard about how easy it is to navigate without them.
In much the same way that while the Windows Metro interface works really well with touchscreens, it's not ideal for a mouse.
Posted 21:55 on 02 August 2013
timbob's Avatar


I think in 2 years time we will look back and think how did we cope not being able to switch between everything so fast
Posted 21:38 on 02 August 2013
Project12's Avatar


I hope this does not make inviting friends to a party chat take longer.
Posted 16:04 on 02 August 2013
Karlius's Avatar


Quite glad about this as it all seemed a little disjointed. After the introduction of the metro navigation of the dashboard it seemed counterproductive to keep the setting screen as blade navigation. I would also hate that you would have to fully exit a game (after getting to a checkpoint if you remembered) to make any sort of real system changes anyway something that this should get rid of.
Posted 15:20 on 02 August 2013
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