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Xbox One will not be backwards-compatible with Xbox 360 titles - including digital games downloaded from Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Microsoft has confirmed to

Instead, only video and music content downloaded on Xbox 360 will be transferable to Xbox One.

Speaking to this evening, Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle claimed that Xbox One and Xbox 360 were two different systems designed for different games.

He also confirmed that Gamertags, Achievements and Avatars will transfer over to the new console.

Xbox One launches worldwide later this year.

Source: Interview

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Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Trip-l

I'm gonna presume that the real reason there's no backwards compatibility is like the install mechanism and account/console linking of the XOne games.

There's a real big question over multiple account/console households and game licences. If it works the same way it does now then a game installed on a console can be played by anyone on that console or anyone on another console that's logged in to Live.

If not and it's purely account bound, it means that if I buy a game and activate it on my account, my wife cant play it on the same console.

Either way it also means that all games, whether disc or digital, can only be played on a single console per 'licence' so having say a console for yourself and one for your children you'd have to purchase a game twice. Or potentially there could be some sort of 'family' or multi-use discount licence. Who knows, there's a big clam up on this front by MS atm.
Posted 22:56 on 21 May 2013
Ecosse's Avatar

Ecosse@ BC_Animus

I knew more people on here probably would.

Personally, had an original XBox, got 360, never played anything from the XBox again.

Got a PS3 now, and pretty much dont play any of the old games I've got.

Downloaded a couple of PS1 games from the PSN, but thats it.
Posted 22:28 on 21 May 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar

BC_Animus@ Ecosse

I played PSOne games for a few years after the PS2 was released, and I was playing PS2 games on my PS3 for the first couple of years - only stopped coz my PS1/2 collection was stolen. Even popped in the occasional PS1 games on the PS3 too.

I had a first gen PS3 btw, hence the PS1/2 playback. Have to say though some games didn't work properly, while others didn't work at all. I remember not being able to play that PS2 Scarface game for some reason.

THIS btw is one of the reason I've been switching more and more towards PC gaming - backwards compatibilty is pretty much guaranteed, even if the games don't work offically people out there will make patches for them.
Posted 22:22 on 21 May 2013
Ecosse's Avatar


I'll post this here as well, but it's a comment from a car forum where we're talking about the XB1:

How often do you actually play games from an old console? Hell, look at the stack of games you've got sitting beside your console just now and see how many havent been out there case in months
Posted 21:59 on 21 May 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Hmmm I ditched my Xbox 360 last year but have kept some of my games - guess I can trade those in now. Like the others have mentioned I thought the XBLA stuff should work at least.

I know the PS3 probably won't have true backwards compatibility either, but at least you can stream, plus right now they have a huge push aiming at indie gaming. I have to wonder just what are the XBLA developers thinking right now?
Posted 21:50 on 21 May 2013
Trip-l's Avatar


I thought (but I haven't read it confirmed anywhere in the release notes) that Xbox One used DirectX(DX) 11.1 and the 360 uses DX 9. And from what I know about DX 11.1 IS backwards compatible with DX 9 by its very nature. So WTF? Why not allow me to play the 30 titles on my new machine? I don't know about anyone else but I thought this would have been a no-brain SONY killer! Guarantee your already (reasonably) loyal fans move to your next gen console and hopefully catch some of the SONY fans who are pissed and not getting to keep their existing games!

For me real estate in my living room is at a premium not sure I can convince myself, never the missus, that we needs another box under the tele to join the (deep breath) sound bar, Virgin Media box, VM router, Wii for the kids, Xbox for all the games I already own and Kinect V1(I bet this isn't backwards compatible either).

Only Good thing I can see in this is I don't have a vested interest in the Xbox anymore, I can take a look at what the PS4 is offering see what is right for me, talk with my mates and get the same system so we can all hook up, current split is 5-3 to PS3 so conceivably MS has just lost 3 sales right there.
Posted 21:07 on 21 May 2013
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ pblive

lol true, it is a shame they couldn't have managed to transfer arcade titles at least. Though I know for me personally that when a new system comes out I pretty much trade in everything I have, including the existing system to upgrade to the new.

But then i'm not one to have masses of games and systems cluttering up my house. I'm most definitely not a collector, which are the only people that should really be concerned by a lack of backwards compatibility.

Those of you hoarding games and never finishing any of them, you know who you are :P
Posted 20:35 on 21 May 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


Won't be buying any more games on the Xbox then. Dick move Microsoft.
Posted 20:34 on 21 May 2013


Looks like I'm keeping both my old systems. And they complained the Wii to Wii U transfer of digital games was difficult, at least it was possible :D

Still, you don't buy a new console for old games...
Posted 20:23 on 21 May 2013
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