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The cloud remains at the core of the Xbox One experience, despite changes to how the platform will implement DRM, Microsoft has told Joystiq.

"Our vision around Xbox One and what you can do because of the power of both the architecture of the console, and also the cloud and the Xbox Live service, remains unchanged," Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten explained.

According to Whitten, the Xbox One policy changes announced overnight are akin to offering Steam's offline mode. Whitten says that just like Steam, consumers will be able to access their digital games library from any Xbox One console.

"Great games like Titanfall take advantage of the cloud processing power" too, added Whitten. Forza 5 is another title which will utilise the cloud for its Drivatar AI system.

"We're going to continue to really invest in how those experiences work," Whitten concluded. Analysis

Whilst the Xbox One is no longer required to check-in every 24 hours, expect more and more titles require a permanent internet connection – much like SimCity – as they look to utilise cloud computing.

Source: Joystiq

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Los_VALOS's Avatar


I just can't let it end on that slightly optimistic tone.
Everyone who has a clue about this stuff, like DG on Eurogamer for an instance has slammed it into the ground. With current internet speeds the benefits are quite theoretical in the first place, "infinite" cloud power sounds really nice, but from what I've gathered it's nothing but PR blabber designed to talk people in circles and just give the impression that they've got something impressive going on.
They haven't even confirmed that the so called 300k servers they're making are REAL servers and not digital ones. They declined to comment which says enough. They want to make the impression that they're seriously investing in this "amazing" technology, most likely a *****ing lie.
And then they say they've got "cloud power" even though half the world still wouln't have nowhere near the connections required for that in 5-10 years from now either.
No one's gonna base a game around that! *ragerant power off.
Posted 01:30 on 22 June 2013


The cloud is beneficial in theory, there are plenty of opportunities for it to open gaming up in certain ways.

But to state that all gaming will be online over the next generation is rather bold and shows a lack if understanding of the world we live in (other than from a totally egocentric point of view).

There is a TREND towards online gaming, yes, but this is by no means the be-all and end-all that is suggested.

That does not, in any way, detract from this cloud based gaming idea, just that its not the answer to life, the universe and everything. It could be the new bullet time or it could be the new QuickTime event. Lets see how it is used.
Posted 17:41 on 20 June 2013

BrySkye@ Karlius

But it's not constant, Karl.

The Driveatar still learns from you when you're not playing online.
It's just a matter of the data being synced with the cloud when you do connect.

The Driveatar data isn't like a real-time stream with it's behaviour being updated ever moment you're online.
At it's most frequent, it would sync before and after every race.

The very nature of that implementation means it does not need to always be connected. The system would work just as well if the game only performed the Sync at the beginning of every session when you booted up the game.

As for most consoles always being online, it's closer to 50/50 if you actually include the Wii, Wii U and PS3 into the equation.
Posted 17:34 on 20 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ BrySkye

They have been showing it in action with Forza 5 since launch. Always learning always updating to the cloud playing against friends and other peoples driveatars.

To get the best experience of your friends Driveatar you will want them to be current. Hence playing online. Most consoles are always online.
Posted 12:39 on 20 June 2013

BrySkye@ Karlius

I wouldn't say it was clear.

MS only started pushing the cloud angle after the E3 conference.
Now it seems like that was a last ditch effort to convince people about the benefits of the system.

But saying as the console was never actually 'always online', it's a bit of a bold claim to say that all the games would have been.

As I said the other night, the Cloud doesn't stop working because you're offline.
Your driveatar will still be growing and those persistent worlds will still be changing.
We were already being told that because of performance issues with the concept of Cloud Processing, such as latency, that it's use was going to be subtle background details.
Posted 12:17 on 20 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Los_VALOS

Where did you get that from? Games are mostly going to have to be played online this generation this is clear. Not just on Xbox but also on Playstation this is why always on wasn't ever really an issue!
Posted 12:12 on 20 June 2013
Los_VALOS's Avatar


So.. they'll make third party devs not only concoct both an offline and online mode for all games, they'll also have to make transitional phases for when your connection goes out (which is pretty hard), when you go back on you'll also have to update the cloud which is troublesome.
In addition to the concept being quite hypothetical from the start it's obvious no one's going to bother with the cloud anymore, it's just a PR gimmick.
Posted 11:53 on 20 June 2013
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