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Xbox One will be able to talk to users, it's been alleged, in a feature Polygon describes as being similar to iPhone's Siri.

The unannounced feature of Microsoft's next-gen console is said to have been revealed by a source "who has tested out the still in-development feature", and who claims that players will be able to have "two-way conversations" with their console via Kinect.

The feature may not be included in time for launch, the site speculates, but if it isn't, it will be added via a post-launch update.

Kinect will also use facial recognition "to scan a room full of people and note if there is someone in the room it doesn't recognize," the site reports.

"It then tells the console owner that there is someone in the room it doesn't recognize and asks the new person to identify themselves. Once the person says their name, Kinect will welcome them and save their information to the console."

And if that doesn't weird you out enough, the console will also let players use Skype to invite others to take over their game remotely, similar to PS4's Gaikai-powered feature.

"In a demonstration of the [remote] feature, a source told us that a message popped up on their screen asking if it was OK if the player they were Skyping with could take over the game," the report continues. "Once the friend took over, the first player was able to watch them play the game. Either player could end the remote play with a button push."

Microsoft has yet to formally announce either feature.

Source: Polygon

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Da_Frazler's Avatar


The only thing is my Siri has about as much a grasp of English as a baby being read a dictionary
Posted 00:35 on 26 May 2013

Neon-Soldier32@ pblive

At least ED 209's animation looks better than the One does.
Posted 12:00 on 25 May 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


The thing is when Siri talks to me I give it abuse and it comes back with sarcastic comments which is funny but I'm just gonna do the same here but I watched a horror film once where a house was controlled by an ai camera system that controlled blinds and the heating etc but it got pissed off n killed everyone that lived there, whats to say this wont talk to your electric oven after you call the xbox a bus wanker and cook us! A bit far fetched I know but sounds cool lol
Posted 11:11 on 25 May 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ origamirobot

Well, you'd both have to be paying for for Xbox live Gold probably to get this service anyway.
Posted 21:54 on 24 May 2013
origamirobot's Avatar


Wait, so I can let someone play my game over Skype, but I cant physically lend it to them? If this person on Skype takes over my game, will they have to pay the second owner fee?
Posted 21:39 on 24 May 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar

DancingRhino@ MJTH

Technology was never going to be used for good though, especially by m$ - all the films involving man and technology end horrifically.

Our grandkids won't believe us when we tell them games didn't used to come with a mandatory full body scan and finger prints.
Posted 18:43 on 24 May 2013
DragonGuard666's Avatar

DragonGuard666@ MJTH

Incredible. It's like they desire to be the most hated company on the planet. Is Dr. Evil behind this? Trying to rule the world?
Posted 18:41 on 24 May 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Another tech site also found out that, one feature that Microsoft is thinking about including is, when you are watching a movie via one of the Xbox media systems the Kinect can detect how many users are in the room, and if there are more users then what is permitted via the movie rental agreement, the movie will not continue to play. Regulated viewing privileges.

Now even though there 50/50 chance as to whether Microsoft will add this, the fact that this is a viable feature for them to add is depressing.
Posted 18:30 on 24 May 2013


Kinect will also use facial recognition "to scan a room full of people and note if there is someone in the room it doesn't recognize," the site reports.

So it can add a new XBL account for them, presumably.

Shades of ED209 " You have 20 seconds to comply"

Paul Verhoeven has plenty of material for a brand new film right here.
Posted 18:16 on 24 May 2013
DragonGuard666's Avatar



This is creeping me out. Hold me.
Posted 17:51 on 24 May 2013
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