Have you ever wondered what the notification for unlocking an Xbox One achievement will look like? I have. All the time. And now, thanks to a gif that's popped up on Gearnuke, we know.

The notification appears to have shrunk in size from the 360's, and now sports a green two-tone background, flashing up the name of the achievement and its Gamerscore value.

As with Xbox 360, players will also be able to push the Xbox button to find out more details about the achievement they've just unlocked.

Like it?

Xbox One launches in the UK on November 22. And if you need a reminder of what the Xbox 360's current achievement unlocked notification looks like, here it is below:

VideoGamer.com Analysis

The Xbox One toast is certainly better animated, but until I hear the jingle to go with it, I'm not convinced it's as appealing as the 360's.

Source: gearnuke.com

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User Comments

voxy's Avatar


I prefer the old one
Posted 20:25 on 19 October 2013
IainOakley's Avatar


About as much effort in this news post as was needed on the subject...because, who gives a *****, well done Mr S.
Posted 09:55 on 19 October 2013
Maes's Avatar


This must be fake, everything I've seen so far related to Xbox and Microsoft are squares this isn't even close a square. Besides that what the heck is wrong with that space in front of the "Hold" part? It just looks so out of place. The dark green / tiny bit lighter than dark green doesn't really help the white text either. How about the (G) being to close to the 10 for comfort. I wouldn't be surprised if their creative director is ill (or possibly dead / fired) because rounds do not work on Microsoft related products anymore.
Posted 20:12 on 18 October 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I care not, I play with notifications off as I get so many of them. If they add a 'only allow achievement unlocked notifications' option that'd solve it.
Posted 18:51 on 18 October 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Hmmm... that's rather neat. If it has the same sound bite, I think is is a good development.
Posted 18:13 on 18 October 2013
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