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Xbox One gamers unable to connect their console to a broadband connection can carry out the 24 hour check-in using a mobile phone, Microsoft corporate vice-president Phil Harrison has told The Telegraph.

"We do recognise there will be these very rare edge cases where for whatever reason your internet is down," said Harrison. "In my experience internet downtime lasts for seconds or minutes. In those few occasions you don't have access to your usual broadband connection, you could tether your Xbox to your mobile phone. The 24-hour ping takes kilobytes of data."

Whilst Harrison suggests the mobile connection as a back-up to your regular broadband, there doesn't appear to be any reason why this couldn't be used permanently - kilobytes of data per check-in means the Xbox One won't eat into your data allowance. Analysis

Does mobile check-in ease some of your concerns about the console, or is the strict DRM in relation to game sharing and trading still a major sticking point?

Source: The Telegraph

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MJTH's Avatar


This just makes me ask the question, what data are they even sending anyway? What is so important about these kilobytes of data?
Posted 17:17 on 12 June 2013
bloody27's Avatar


i simply say NO. so basicly if ur internet's not working, just spend a few coins and do it through ur phone. next gen is all about finding ways to steal ur money. what a s***.
Posted 17:05 on 12 June 2013
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