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Grid Autosport: Touring Legends DLC adds Silverstone and Donnington Park

Costs £10.39, available now.

Publish date Yesterday, 12:38pm

Triad Wars development not impacted by Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 'in any way'

But does UFG still intend to show it off this year?

Publish date Yesterday, 10:17am

Chivalry comes to PS3 & Xbox 360 in a refined 12-player online experience

Activision working with Torn Banner Studios in collaboration with Mercenary Technology.

1 Publish date 4:18pm at 15 Sep 2014

UK Video Game Chart: Destiny is No.1 – 50/50 split on PlayStation & Xbox platforms

PS4 took the majority share with 46 per cent, Xbox One managed 36 per cent.

4 Publish date 10:18am at 15 Sep 2014

Gears of War: Tactics gameplay footage leaks online

Epic canned Kinect RTS after reaching alpha, according to report.

2 Publish date 11:02am at 11 Sep 2014

Alan Wake 2? Remedy will return to horror series 'when the time is right'

Studio "looking for opportunities" to bring back Alan Wake.

4 Publish date 2:35pm at 05 Sep 2014

GTA Online gets new Flight School Jobs

Also earn double RP when using the special Flight School Jobs playlist.

Publish date 11:41am at 03 Sep 2014

New Saints Row teased ahead of announcement later today

Saints Row 5 to take a supernatural twist?

3 Publish date 9:33am at 29 Aug 2014

Castlevania producer Dave Cox leaves Konami

Lords of Shadow producer out after 17 years.

Publish date 9:21am at 29 Aug 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity release date pushed back to November 13

Day 1 patch also confirmed.

2 Publish date 5:00pm at 28 Aug 2014

Doctor Who comes to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in September

Includes a character inspired by Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor.

2 Publish date 10:40am at 28 Aug 2014

BioShock is out now on iOS

UPDATE: £10.49 in the UK, but make sure your device is compatible first.

2 Publish date 3:11pm at 27 Aug 2014

Escape Dead Island launches November 21 in the UK

The third-person spin-off is coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

1 Publish date 4:21pm at 27 Aug 2014

Is Saints Row 5 being revealed this week?

Volition to reveal new project with Saints Row's Kinzie on Friday.

3 Publish date 9:36am at 27 Aug 2014

GTA 5 doesn't feature a character based on Lindsay Lohan, argues Rockstar

Claims the actress used the blockbuster game for attention and wants the case dismissed and legal fees paid.

1 Publish date 9:35am at 27 Aug 2014
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