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Sony has today announced its Fiscal year 2007 Q1 earnings, including details of sales to date and sales projections for its three video game platforms.

At the end of Q1, worldwide sales of the PlayStation 3 stand at approximately 4.28 million (prior to Q1 2007 Sony only quoted units shipped not sold). 3.57 million came in the final half of the previous year, with a disappointing 0.71 million recorded in the first quarter 2007. Despite the console's poor sales in Q1, Sony has announced that it expects to sell a further 10.29 million units in the following three quarters, ending March 2008.

If Sony can meet its forecast then as of March 31, 2008, worldwide PlayStation 3 sales will have reached approximately 14.5 million units.

Sales of its other consoles, the PS2 and PSP were much better than that of the PS3. The aging PS2 is still going strong with Q1 sales of 2.7 million units, a 400,000 increase over the same quarter in 2006. PSP sales are reported as 2.14 million units, showing a year on year increase of over 700,000 units.

Forecast sales for the PlayStation 2 in fiscal 2007 are 10 million units, with the PSP expected to sell 9 million units.

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I'm not going to start slagging the PS3 but I will say this:
Much like the previous commenter, I would need to see more evidence of what the console can do before spending so much money. My 360 can still blow me away with it's graphical capabilities - GOW and Halo 3 being the 2 obvious examples. For this reason I don't see the advantage of PS3's allegedly better graphical processing abilities yet. In future when I have come to expect even more from games (as inevitably it happens. Remember when you thought Goldeneye was literally as good as it could get?) then I'll think about upgrading but it's not necessary at the moment. Similarly, the difference between 720 and 1080p is only going to sway me when I no longer get the same feeling of next gen from my 360. Same goes for Blu Ray which may or may not go the way of the previously hotly touted Sony MiniDisc. Remember them?
At the end of the day PS3 looks fantastic on paper but a lack of titles on the shelves actually worth playing and the fact that 360 already satisfies all the needs a gamer could ask for (at least for the moment) will make me hold off before buying a PS3.
In the meantime there is Halo online to play to death, Mass Effect just around the corner and COD4 on the horizon (as well as Phantom Hourglass on the DS for those lighter gaming moments) to keep me well and truly happy.
When I'm through with those maybe MGS4 and GT5 will have arrived and there superiority will force me to go and raid my bank account. I really hope they do.
Posted 03:01 on 13 October 2007
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I can't believed I actually paid $600 for mine. It's a joke and I've heard a full year of "it's got more potential, just wait on the good games". My building hatred of this machine came to a head after picking up Rainbow Six : Vegas only to realize my friend's 360 version of the game had noticeably better graphics then learning that Unreal3 is being delayed because the programmers can't get it to run some of the maps.

I seriously feel scammed. It's going to sell better ????

I couldn't even sell mine. Took me nearly 3 weeks to find someone who'd buy it off me, while I was offering it for $400 with 4 games. The Wal-Mart near my house has taken down the PS3 display case and unit and thrown the PS3 games on the bottom shelf under the PS2 games.

PlayStation 3....what a joke.
Posted 14:39 on 06 October 2007
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sega fan

ps3: Price and not enough games yet
wii: mostly focusing on kids and elders and not hardcore
360: Very unreliable console, breaks easily horrible tech support and that goes for anything microsoft trys to do with tech support
Posted 02:14 on 29 September 2007
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sega fan

360: shooters, sports, fighting, attempting japanese rpgs like eternal sonata, online,
wii:family based for everyone not enough hard core games yet though
ps3:tons of japanese rpgs, fighting, shooters, some
sports, jet, hack and slash, some online.
xbox 360:wins online
wii: wins family
ps3: wins japanese rpgs and some good exclusive
feel free to flame me im always up for a challenge!
Posted 02:09 on 29 September 2007
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^good post mate.
Posted 13:22 on 20 September 2007
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As the title states, I'm no fanboy.

I owned a Sega Genesis console (here in Italy its name was "Megadrive"), and it was fun for me. I owned no more than 14 games. But I played for at least two years with'em.

Then, I owned a PlayStation. Yes, the first trademarked one. I played it, and it was fun. Many people I knew owned a PS because "everyone else has one". For me, it was not like that. It was fun. Period.
Then, it broke. But it was MY fault. I'm not diving into details, but I'd say it could do well for at least 10 years from when it broke.
--Now I'm owning a PSOne. I wanted to play FFVII again, because it was fun to me. I own also other games (Parasite Eve 2, Dino Crisis, Dino Crisis 2...).--

Then I bought a GCN. I thought "Well, let's see what it can do this piece of junk." And definitely, it was a FREAKIN' GOOD piece of junk. I loved the games, and still now I own many of those games and I play them on my Wii, which I bought for a discount at January this year, giving my GCN and other stuff on EBGames. Hardware backwards compatibility is a BIG HIT to me. As well as Virtual console.

Oh, I also own a PS2. And, you know, I played FFXII. It was the most impressive software I ever played. RPG speaking. To me, it pumps PS2's capabilities to its peak (or maybe something less, but it was impressive anyway). I played it for about 200 hours, and finished it. I loved it. But now, that's over. It was good, and now I'm planning to sell a lot of stuff (GBASP, PSP, PS2 plus some games and other stuff) to buy a 360. I want to play DMC4 and RE5 in a future, no matter what. I too love good graphics, but only when there's a good gameplay and a fine longevity.

I know, they're gonna be released on PS3 as well, but guess what, PS3 is too much for me. Price and everything. PS3 is TOO MUCH. So, I think I'm sticking with Microsoft, just this once. But, there's no way I'll ever buy a PS3. For a lot of motivations.
Posted 10:58 on 20 September 2007
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Hmm...10 million units eh? You know what can help them reach 10 million? MORE EXCITING AND BETTER GAMES! and reduce PS3 price to 400!
Posted 03:01 on 19 September 2007
Maj UK Jap Ps3's Avatar
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Maj UK Jap Ps3

how can u guys compare the wii to ps3/360, One of them is a cheap toy, in other words its gamecube 2.

The ps3 is a power house best graphics, best sound, best hardware design, most reliable, the only thing is better is 360's online.
Posted 11:40 on 15 August 2007
Maj UK Jap ps3's Avatar
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Maj UK Jap ps3

ps3 in ten years will be selling like the ps2 is at the moment, and yes EA is a big joke, i remember when they made quality games likes 3do space hulk and need for speed,

All they care about now is money money money, I dont know about you guys but i think with EA being an american company they are making rubbish ports for ps3 just to make the 360 look better,

Cant wait for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 24/10/2007
Posted 11:33 on 15 August 2007
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well you know the ps3 and xbox360 are also targeting a different market. they aren't being sold to the "gamer" population they are being sold people who will use this advanced hardware in many different ways other than gaming
Posted 19:36 on 03 August 2007
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It's doing very well and will continue for some time with budget gamers, family gaming, etc... For real gamers it won't be the console of choice. I believe the PS3 will catch and surpass the 360, the Wii will do well but it's a slightly different market.

Although I think the Wii could be in some long term trouble but who knows.
Posted 19:07 on 01 August 2007
mechagouki's Avatar
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fanboyism is becoming so rampant on these forums, don't be embarrassed if you have a PS3, you'll get some good games, I went for gamecube last gen and am still happy with my choice, I just traded a GBA SP for a PS@ last month and am starting to play the PS@ games that interest me, there are so many games on so many systems now you would never have the time let alone the money to play all the really good games, pick a system and live with your choice, in 10 years time PS3s, 360s and Wiis will be selling at Cash Converters for $50 - Toshiba will have the best selling home console (maybe!). Everyone should stop getting so partisan about their favourite system, it's really a waste of energy.
Posted 15:06 on 31 July 2007
IDIOTS's Avatar
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4.48 million. ???!!!
3.57 million came in the final half of the previous year, with a disappointing 0.71

!!!! 3.57 + 0.71 = 4.28 !!!!

Go back to school.

Official source - not that dumb site with third grades who can't add properly.
Posted 02:25 on 30 July 2007
hah's Avatar
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You guys and your japanese sales. Who cares!? Japan accounts for 15 million of the 120 million PS2's sold around the world. Japan doesn't matter for sales, only the games they put out. And to the guy who posted about EA "backing the wrong horse" Rofl! EA is a joke of a company now. They are only in it for the money. Look at the ports they are giving to the PS3, they are horrible. What games do they have that really pushes the envelope for technology anyway? The PS3/360 are the future. The Wii may not be a fad but it is definatley another gamecube. PS3 will have all the best games. You guys keep saying that ps3 fans always say "wait". What does the Wii have thats any good right now? Nothing, even less than the PS3. Sure you will get all your good games in 2007, but I will get mine in 2008. By then you should be able to afford a PS3 if you save up now. I suggest you do it because the Wii will be old news. PS3 is superior in all fronts except for price and that only matters for cheap people. So if you are hardcore buy a PS3, otherwise grandma wants to play some mario party with you.
Posted 03:55 on 29 July 2007
bencrosaby's Avatar


I'm just going to say that - The P$3 is turning into a home entertainment system and not a games console! This is a Gaming Industry, not the Blu-Ray wars!

The reason I bought my Wii was to play games, not to babble to my friends how I press a button and I kill someone in one of your highly anticipated titles "Killzone". And I don't understand how you P$3 owners live at night knowing that $ony are eating your money! £425 is ridiculous, and so are the prices for some of the games! £50? I would rather spend that at a Theme Park than pay one of your Movie Tie-Ins that you're starting to see more of.

Buy a P$3 if you want Blu-ray player, don't buy it for the games.
Posted 19:30 on 28 July 2007
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