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Windows 9 will be announced under the codename Threshold at the BUILD 2014 conference in San Franciso this April, Windows blogger Paul Thurrott has revealed.

Sources have told Thurrott that Windows 9 will see the return of the Start Menu, with the ability to run Metro-style apps on the desktop alongside your regular desktop applications.

Windows 9 will be released in April 2015, approximately one year after its announcement.

BUILD 2014 takes place April 2-4. Analysis

Windows 8 looks set to become the next Windows Vista, with Microsoft hoping Windows 9 will prove just as popular as Windows 7.


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AdesteFideles's Avatar


Games are the only thing that still shackles me to Windows. I sincerely hope that SteamOS lets me finally cut that cord.
Posted 19:14 on 13 January 2014
DragonGuard666's Avatar


If it goes back to the traditional and good windows of XP and 7 and improve on it slightly (doesn't need to be drastic) instead of 8 which was clearly a gimmicky OS designed for touchscreens then I may get a new laptop. Not to say mine is bad but there's some decent quality games that I'd want to play and mine doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I mostly use it as a browser laptop but to be able to get some higher quality games on it would be nice.
Posted 15:39 on 13 January 2014
MJTH's Avatar


Hopefully windows 9 will be good. I've been holding out on getting windows 8 for the last year because of I've felt that 7 is still just better. However I was contemplating getting windows 8.1 for when I build my PC during easter. However if they announce windows 9 I may as well just get windows 7 on my new PC and then wait for 9.
Posted 15:21 on 13 January 2014
Lalaland's Avatar


There is a new Windows Law: Only Use The Odd Numbered Releases. It's the inverse of the Star Trek Film Rule (ie only the even numbered films are any good).
Posted 14:38 on 13 January 2014
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