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The fully featured Opera web browser for the Wii was intended to be available for the launch of the console. Sadly it wasn't, but the good news is that you'll only have to wait until Friday to get a taster of what it can do.

A trial version of the Wii Opera web browser will be available for free from December 22.

"In addition to providing innovative and exciting new ways to play, Wii also offers further services and entertainment for all the family. This newest Wii Menu Channel is just the latest example of how we are doing this," says Nintendo of Europe Marketing Director, Laurent Fischer. "Wii is the perfect console for everyone to enjoy and this is being reflected in the phenomenal sales across Europe."

The final version of the Opera browser will be released at the end of March 2007 and will be free for all Wii owners until the end of June 2007. After this date, anyone who hasn't already downloaded the browser will have to pay 500 Wii Points.

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BººM@ Eric Mill

Does that mean if we HAVE downloaded the browser by that point we don't have the pay the $5?
Posted 06:06 on 20 December 2006
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Mentendo@ Eric Mill

Not sure why we have to pay five bucks when you can download browsers for free. I can only guess that Nintendo had to pay some sort of money to the guys at Opera to build them a content specific browser to meet their needs which I suppose sounds resonable.
Posted 19:16 on 19 December 2006
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MindStalker@ Eric Mill

I'm thinking the $5 is bandwidth cost.
Posted 15:48 on 19 December 2006
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Eric Mill

Only 500 Wii points? Are you serious? $5?
Posted 14:51 on 19 December 2006
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