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Nintendo has no intention of walking away from the Wii U and actually believes it is real contender in a three way console race with the PS4 and Xbox One.

So poor has the Wii U been selling in the previous year that many commentators had pretty much written off the system, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is much more confident about the platform's outlook.

Asked by The Seattle Time if Nintendo will have to release a next-gen console in the next couple of years, Fils-Aime responded: "We don't think so. We think that the Wii U has a long and vibrant life in front of it.

"What it needs are games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Splatoon - those types of games that can really drive the installed base. We believe if we can do that effectively the Wii U has a long and robust life."

In fact, Fils-Aime says Wii U is actually ahead of Xbox One in terms of life-to-date sales.

"The dirty little secret is if you look at life-to-date numbers, between Sony and Nintendo they'd be pretty close in terms of PS4 vs. Wii U, with Xbox coming in third place. I think it's going to be a three-horse race for the balance of this cycle."

Fils-Aime also suggested that Wii U may outsell the competition in June, thanks largely to Mario Kart 8.

Source: The Seattle Times

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Apache287's Avatar


Love how Reggie desperately trying to make the Wii U not look like a dead horse by saying life to date. Wii U has about 7 million in almost 2 years, PS4 has 7 million in 6 months and XOne has 5 million in 6 months.
Posted 00:54 on 16 June 2014


Let's face it, the only thing you'd put a positive spin on would have a Sony badge on it.

The comparisons between GameCube and Wii U do correspond at some points but march-April this year the Wii U sold badly and may to June the sales vastly improved so it's all relative to where you take the figures.

But then, as long as it had a good software attach rate and picks up sales in a way Mario Kart did, there's plenty of life left in the console. It doesn't have to sell as many units as the PS4 and Xbox One, either. It's not the same big black box as the other 2 are, it's very different and that's a very good thing.
Posted 23:01 on 15 June 2014

pblive@ BombaLuigi

It's not a disaster, just a comparison that highlights the Wii U is selling better than some think, even if it isn't sell as fast as the other consoles.

It's like saying an indie record is a disaster because it's sold as many units as the number 1 pop record in a longer time. Obviously the pop record is far superior so the indie band should just give up and make pop music instead.
Posted 22:09 on 14 June 2014
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ BombaLuigi

It's all about looking at the situation either pessimistically or optimistically. The pessimist in me says that Nintendo have fallen far behind even with their head start. The optimist in me says the fact that the Xbox One hasn't over taken the Wii U at least shows that the current growth the console has will at least sustain it for a while and growth spurts from other game like MK8 will help.

Besides the Vita, another great console, arguably has less thing going for it, less sales growth, but very few people are as down on that console as others are on the Wii U.
Posted 15:16 on 14 June 2014

BombaLuigi@ pblive

Of course is the Wiiu Part of the new Generation, never doubted that. What I wanted to say was that being close behind Sony and close ahead of MS is a disaster when they released there Consoles a Year later.
Posted 14:39 on 14 June 2014
Woffls's Avatar


Do you know what "life-to-date" means?
Posted 12:12 on 14 June 2014
ukayjohn's Avatar


Someone needs to tell Reginald the difference between a Horse and a Donkey...
Posted 10:46 on 14 June 2014


What else is he going to say though? "Yeah you're right we *****ed it"
Posted 00:44 on 14 June 2014

pblive@ BombaLuigi

Which doesn't mean it's not part of the same generation, though sales will obviously be more due to time, but they're still higher than some would believe and that was his point.

It's current gen and it's going to be around for a few years yet.
Posted 19:07 on 13 June 2014


I like you Reggie, your funny and all, but you seem to miss the Point that the other Consoles did come a Year later.
Posted 18:42 on 13 June 2014
Bretty's Avatar


Reggie strikes me as the kind of man that would call a ***** sandwich a tasty treat.

He always sees the bright side.
Posted 17:31 on 13 June 2014
grovberg's Avatar


Boy would I love for Reggie to be right about this, but I'd feel a lot better about it with some numbers to back up those claims.
Posted 17:25 on 13 June 2014
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