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Wii successor set for E3 reveal?

Capable of running games at HD resolutions.

6 Publish date 10:14am at 15 Apr 2011

Wii price cut in May?

Down to $150 next month, claims trusted source.

Publish date 10:14am at 13 Apr 2011

House of the Dead Overkill to get sequel

Development well under way, says source.

5 Publish date 1:39pm at 10 Nov 2010

3DS is more powerful than Wii?

Close to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

6 Publish date 8:28am at 07 Jun 2010

Conduit 2 in development?

Poster with Conduit-esque giant 2 spotted at GDC.

4 Publish date 12:04pm at 16 Mar 2010

DS 2 dev kits in the wild - report

New Nintendo platform rumours continue.

1 Publish date 8:12am at 16 Feb 2010

Devs already working on 'new Nintendo platform'

Reveal planned for Game Developers Conference next month?

12 Publish date 5:30pm at 03 Feb 2010

Leaked Wii 2 info reveals Blu-ray?

Console also said to support 1080p for games and video.

30 Publish date 12:21pm at 29 Oct 2009

Wii MotionPlus delayed?

Nintendo said to be struggling with a few 'hiccups'.

Publish date 1:00pm at 09 Mar 2009

SEGA to publish The Conduit?

An eagle-eyed forum member spots the game listed on the SEGA of America press FTP.

Publish date 10:13am at 29 Oct 2008

Wii HD to launch in 2011?

Industry veteran has learned Nintendo has been showing early presentations of its Wii successor.

2 Publish date 2:31pm at 01 Oct 2008

New Tony Hawk game to feature motion board peripheral?

Is currently being referred to as Amplitude, Adrenaline and Tony Hawk's Huck Jam.

1 Publish date 10:31am at 16 Jun 2008

Zelda shooting game to come bundled with Wii Zapper?

Retail games conference reveals Zelda Crossbow Training, a new shooting title to come bundled with the Wii Zapper.

3 Publish date 3:29pm at 10 Sep 2007

Mario Kart Wii to feature 16-player online battles?

Wii version of the Mario racer will include all tracks from the DS version.

1 Publish date 12:10pm at 06 Sep 2007

Ubisoft wants to buy SCi?

SCi Entertainment has revealed that for the second time in two years it has received a bid - believed to be from Ubisoft.

Publish date 11:37am at 06 Sep 2007
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