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No plans for Wii Mini in the UK

Focus here is all about Wii U, says Nintendo UK's head of consumer marketing.

Publish date 10:12am at 30 Nov 2012

Wii Mini exclusive to Canada this holiday season

Unable to connect to the internet and costs $99.99.

5 Publish date 2:33pm at 27 Nov 2012

YouTube finally comes to Wii, just days before its successor arrives in stores

Will roll out in the UK in the months ahead.

Publish date 10:11am at 16 Nov 2012

3DS under performing outside of Japan

Nintendo slashes its profits forecast by 70%.

5 Publish date 10:53am at 24 Oct 2012

Borderlands 2 sold 1.48 million copies across the US in September

Sales up a staggering 234% over the original.

Publish date 10:01am at 12 Oct 2012

Creepy Clock offered to Animal Crossing players

Bump into postman Pete between October 1 and 14.

1 Publish date 2:45pm at 27 Sep 2012

Conduit franchise lives on

Developer High Voltage Software promises Conduit-related news later this year.

1 Publish date 2:57pm at 10 Sep 2012

Super Smash Bros. boss talks Wii U GamePad integration

Masahiro Sakurai, the man behind the Super Smash Bros. series, has been discussing the possible character line-up and game controls for the upcoming Wii U and 3DS entries of the hit brawler.

1 Publish date 4:33pm at 07 Aug 2012

Nintendo victorious in Wii patent-infringement lawsuit

Judge dismissed the lawsuit in the Big N's favour.

Publish date 9:03am at 02 Aug 2012

Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals game coming to Wii this September

Singing and dancing game to feature 32 classic hits from a career spanning 45 years.

3 Publish date 3:26pm at 31 Jul 2012

Nintendo expects to sell 10.5m Wiis & Wii Us during FY12/13

Ninty hopes for big Wii U sales during first few months of release.

10 Publish date 10:43am at 25 Jul 2012

Nintendo reports improving 3DS sales

April to June quarter sales up 1.15 million over same quarter in 2011.

Publish date 9:24am at 25 Jul 2012

Nintendo 'on track' to leave hardware business - Ex-EA COO

Miyamoto key in sustaining proprietary platform.

5 Publish date 9:27am at 24 Jul 2012

Nintendo: 'New things are difficult for people to understand'

Satoru Iwata likens current feelings towards the Wii U to the situation the Wii was in years ago.

Publish date 9:34am at 05 Jul 2012

New Super Smash Bros gets a little help from Namco Bandai

Nintendo has enlisted the aid of Namco Bandai to create the long-awaited sequel to Super Smash Bros.

1 Publish date 10:05am at 22 Jun 2012
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