Ryse: Son of Rome screenshot
Ryse: Son of Rome screenshot

The Xbox One TV commercial has been released and you can watch it right here.

As reported this morning, the ad features a host of Xbox One games - including Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse and Titanfall – plus real life stars Steven Gerrard and Spock out of Star Trek.

The ad also includes the catchy slogan: "This is an invitation from the all-in-one, Xbox One. Jump ahead."

Xbox One launches November 22.

VideoGamer.com Analysis

We're not entirely sold on "the all-in-one, Xbox One," and Steven Gerrard isn't exactly the biggest personality in football, but the ad isn't all bad.

Source: YouTube

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Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Freekill

Exactly the same lol.
Posted 17:58 on 26 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar

Freekill@ Karlius

I also apologize on my end too. But coming from a media studies background I get very touchy about adverts in general and when I see an advert that I know can be improved then I get annoyed, what does not help is that Microsoft's adverts have not been the best recently. I will even go to say that this one is an improvement considering their other ones at the moment but I can still see room for improvement. Also I recall seeing another game doing a similar ad where the game character invites the player to play but I can't recall what it is off the top of my head, I think it might of been a PS1 game or a N64 game.
Posted 17:43 on 26 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Freekill

Yer I liked that advert a lot very good but that isn't going to promote a console launch very well.

I was being a little touchy earlier so apologies for my demeanor. I think my signature says it all lol. But would say that I still find the original comment ridiculous.
Posted 17:01 on 26 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar

Freekill@ Karlius

lol, you are saying your comments don't take the side of Microsoft every time. I have seen your other comments and forum posts, I know where you stand in the next gen lol. All my comments are on neutral ground, I comment on what I see and not on a company as a whole. To be honest I love Microsoft because I like windows 7 and guess who made it? thats right Microsoft also I am excited for both consoles the PS4 and the Xbox One. I laughed at you but thats OK apparently. ;)

P.S if you want to see a good advert you want to look at Three's Pony advert
Posted 15:16 on 26 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Freekill

I laughed at you as Microsoft has had numerous top adverts over the past few years. Not just with Xbox but other products like IE and more recently their Lumia 1020 advert. It comes across anti MS and seems as you like to criticise the console on every page and praise Sony on every other I put 2 + 2 together to draw a conclusion.

@PB can't agree more with your statements Nintendo may as well relaunch when new mario is available. It will do better well off the back of a decent mario game i'm sure as the increase in sales landed when Zelda arrived.
Posted 11:15 on 26 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar

Freekill@ Karlius

There was no need to reply to my comment and bring up Sony though lol. You bringing up Sony only makes me look like I was bashing Microsoft for the sake of liking Sony more which is not true as my comment was made to be neutral. Also when I said Microsoft ads I meant Microsoft as a whole not just the console side of things which you seemed of implied I mentioned by bring up sony.

Also of course I am going to be offended if you say you laugh at me lol. To sum up, there was no need to 1. laugh at me for making a decent comment 2. bring up Sony to try make my comment look bad. It was not necessary!
Posted 00:56 on 26 October 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar


Posted 23:52 on 25 October 2013


They'll be a lot around Mario 3Ds release, I guess. But I think the lack of Wii U advertising is part of Nintendo's problem.

I think the Xbox ad and Greatness Awaits ads will work great on TV for the causal audiences, though. I don't think much game footage is needed, just excitement and a clear logo/message.
Posted 23:49 on 25 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ pblive

Seen "PS4 Interface" on TV when I was over in the States I took that it was a Commercial/Advert as it was stated in video description but it may well of been some part of a show eg. jimmy kimmell or something. Only reason I brought it up.

Totally agree the "willy waving" is bad but out there to fuel the uber fans.

The Best or #4ThePlayers is a an online viral campaign which is about as important these days as TV spots. The first video is quite good at striking a cord with the user and revitalising brand loyalty. The second is just just a retort to a viral advert placed by MS in August which suggested they had best games, Willy Waving in my eyes and it needs to stop.

@Freekill how more innovative do you want a freaking mech lands in an office. You targeted a particular brand I cleared it up as nonsense. If you cared to read my post I credited Sony with the same kind of innovation and engagement for their Greatness campaign. Both have gone all out and I commend them. There was no point mentioning Nintendo as other than the Zelda U game there has been little in the means of advertising for a long while. However their Wii advertisement was inspired it hit their target audience at every opportunity and used family friendly celebrities to peddle their wares. I really do not understand why the same tactic hasn't been mimicked this time around.
Posted 23:21 on 25 October 2013

pblive@ Karlius

That and the Xbox ones about things like cloud gaming sent meant to be adverts, are they? I think they're more things to put up on the net as teasers to those who already follow the progress of the tech.

They only use the 'exciting' stuff for advertising.
Posted 20:12 on 25 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar

Freekill@ Karlius

well I never mentioned Playstation ads were any better, to be honest I find adverts have been getting more uncreative as the years go on, so your whole post means nothing to me. All you have done here just shows how much you love Microsoft and how much you enjoy bashing Sony. Nothing wrong with that but I was not starting a flame war I just simple stated that the advert did not excite me.
Posted 18:41 on 25 October 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Freekill

I just laughed at you This is what constitutes Formal and Uncreative, that's all I have to say about that comment.

Good solid starter advert that will get the average consumer interested but granted it's not cops and robbers or the shootout. Ms did a fantastic job of engaging consumers with their adverts current gen and this is a good start point for next.

Can see FM's worries but I don't think this is going to be exclusive to XB1 just the way technology is going. Can see it in this awful PS4 interface advert Thankfully their greatness awaits campaign is a lot better but shows zero games shock horror (You don't need to show games in these adverts).

Think it's neck and neck with regards to advertisement and I'm glad to see it after Sony's poor start to the PS3 ad campaign, there are some dodgy sub campaigns as in the "we are the best" ad and "interface" ad but the "Greatness" campaign is very nice!
Posted 15:37 on 25 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar


Microsoft adverts never excite me, they just look formal and uncreative. I feel they need to be more creative to make viewers feel more engaged and to rise hype for the new console. This advert just does not do it for me.
Posted 14:56 on 25 October 2013


Hmm. If I could be arsed I'd link back to some previous comments from FM that contradict what you're saying here, but it's Friday afternoon, and I can't. He's said before that he's more excited about the games line-up for the Xbox than PS4 I think, but that like any sensible person he's going to wait and see.

Don't mistake constructive criticism for platform-based fanboy willy-waving, we don't really go in for that over here ;)

EDIT: Quite liked the ad. Very Microsoft - big money, big names etc. More games would have been nice, but this was always going to be about the wider appeal TV/sport/navigation stuff.
Posted 14:14 on 25 October 2013
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ tvr77

No it's just when I go on an Xbox console related story he's there being unconstructive and already made his mind up on something without even giving it a chance.

I haven't got a clue which is the better console but I can assure I will be giving them an equal chance unlike a lot of people on the net at the moment.
Posted 13:50 on 25 October 2013

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