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Konami's announced it is giving fans the chance to become "honorary press members" and watch an online stream of its E3 press conference, an event usually closed to the general public.

The conference will be the place to find out details of all the latest games from Konami, which will surely include Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, PES 2010 and maybe even a new Silent Hill game.

Make sure you get a virtual seat at the conference by registering on Konami's E3 website.

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User Comments

Neon-Soldier32's Avatar


But, but what about Sony's
Posted 16:54 on 07 June 2010
BanditDee's Avatar


Sweet! Thanks for the heads up.
Posted 16:46 on 07 June 2010
Wido's Avatar


I just registered. Castlevania, MGS: Rising are the two reasons why.
Posted 10:48 on 07 June 2010

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