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A new year brings new opportunities, and as such is looking to hire a video producer to join its team.

All the relevant details are below, and more information can be found by clicking here.

To apply, or for more information, contact Simon Miller at with a covering letter, CV, and any previous work to support your application.


  • Produce all in-house video content on and the site's YouTube channel.
  • Must be comfortable in front of and behind the camera.
  • Create new ideas for original video content.
  • Work to tight deadlines to turn around reactionary video content.
  • Continue to build's reputation as a source for quality, original video content.

Essential proficiencies include:

  • Passionate about video games.
  • An eye for a creative approach to video production.
  • Experience in planning and filming with broadcast/HD quality camera equipment.
  • Familiar with a variety of shooting techniques.
  • Good understanding and proficiency with YouTube.
  • Quick at learning and adapting new techniques.
  • Adept at HD video editing using Adobe Creative Suite, able to produce professional-looking footage complete with soundtrack, relatively quickly.
  • Basic understanding of and experience with 3-point lighting and broadcast audio equipment.
  • Ability to work to deadlines.


  • Games Industry experience.
  • Video studio experience.
  • Film/media studies degree or equivalent.


  • Flexible to work odd-hours (early mornings, evenings, and weekends) when necessary, e.g. evening console launches, coverage of large events in different time zones.
  • Passport, willing to travel abroad with short notice.
  • Able to commute to office on a daily basis.

Applications will be accepted up to February 7, 2014.

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Catterick's Avatar


Can I come back? I've eaten far too many curry wurst now.
Posted 01:14 on 09 January 2014

User Comments

MrHEWBO's Avatar

MrHEWBO@ TomPearson

nobody here is going to employ you Pearson...
Posted 23:39 on 11 January 2014
TomPearson's Avatar


ooo I have a passport, sign me up.
Posted 23:26 on 11 January 2014
Gxnge's Avatar


I'm gutted that Matt's leaving, it was one of the videos he produced that made me check out Videogamer and join their community in the first place. Him and you guys are also the reason that I changed the line of work that I was heading into from acting on stage to video game journalism. What's also gutting is I literally fit every single one of those requirements except for the fact that I would only be able to get to the office at like 5pm on weekdays :( Hopefully you guys will be hiring in the future as well though :)
Posted 15:42 on 10 January 2014

yellowsapphire@ cheesepie36

Think most of us gave up on that one a long time ago :(

(Which is a damned shame as it was brilliant)
Posted 00:17 on 10 January 2014
cheesepie36's Avatar


Also, what will happen to the System Shock 2 playthrough?.. ;)
Posted 00:03 on 10 January 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar

BritishWolf@ BowGunner

I'm in the same situation
Posted 20:32 on 09 January 2014
BowGunner's Avatar


Just give me a few extra years, lads.
Posted 20:09 on 09 January 2014
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


'sfunny, usually the lees is the last thing to go.
All the best, Matt - shall probably see you around SU&SD.

@Mintyrebel - hear, hear!
Posted 19:46 on 09 January 2014
Lalaland's Avatar


Good luck to all who apply, my own efforts to make a 5 min video for work took several hours so I suspect I'm just outside the level of talent required....

Shame to see Matt Lees go but good luck to you in the future Matt and to Chris who now gets to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining them YT stats ;-)
Posted 19:25 on 09 January 2014
Mintyrebel's Avatar


Posted 18:11 on 09 January 2014
DoctorScroll's Avatar


I would absolutely love to do something like this, only experience I have is a year in Film studies.

I would happily serve is an intern/slave for though
Posted 18:09 on 09 January 2014

Grammartron@ squidman

Christ, it's Gaston! That is some world-class lurking.

Your Feedbackula voice-overs remain a highlight of my week sir.
Posted 13:48 on 09 January 2014
cheesepie36's Avatar



Ahh damn it, this was some *****ty news to wake up to. Been enjoying the videos here for the past year and it's always crappy to see something you really enjoy have to end. But the show must go on.

I will be very sad to see Matt leave, his comedy, his free reign over video content mixed in with some serious and important messages about the games industry was the jewel in videogamer's crown and he'll be hard to replace, HOWEVER.

As I said the show must go on, and this past year Chris has had quite a few of his own videos on the channel, I don't know the in's and out's of it, but all I know is that I've equally enjoyed a lot of Chris's videos, especially the GTA and the Dead Rising streams, alongside the various videos on 'boring indie games that Simon won't like'. The pairing between Simon and Chris is brilliant so all is not lost!

Furthermore, videogamer will know what they're losing in Matt, so any replacement they hire will need to be of a similar sort of quality to keep up the quality video content. Such a person will be hard to find but they are out there.

So, best of luck to the forumites! Someone with good knowledge of videogamer and it's community will definitely have an extra string to their bow so those saying they definitely won't get it, well you never know! I would apply myself having produced videos with my best mate for over a year now if not for the fact that A) I'm halfway through my degree, B) I'm nowhere near London, and C) it'd probably be to a mind-numbingly ***** quality. All good things come to an end and I'll certainly remember fondly the good year or two of excellent free video content we've received. Best of luck to all applying!
Posted 13:42 on 09 January 2014
anialator136's Avatar

anialator136@ Freekill

An hour away is nothing. I'd be willing to relocate from the north east for a job opportunity like this. Problem is I havent been to university for a media degree so that pretty much crosses me out. I hope to get into a university this year though to work towards my dream. Best of luck to you anyway, I'd love a forum member to get the job, as they would know the website inside and out.
Posted 13:22 on 09 January 2014
Mintyrebel's Avatar

Mintyrebel@ squidman

inb4 Martin new video man for VG upon being promised coffee.

I wish Matt was coming back (Matt Nellis) I miss PC Gamer Saturday night streams :(

Edit: Good luck as well Freekill, be nice to have someone from the forum join the team again.
Posted 12:59 on 09 January 2014
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