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Cloudberry Kingdom, a procedurally generated platformer that promises to get tougher the longer you play, will be published by Ubisoft this spring on PSN for PS3 and Vita, XBLA, Wii U and Steam.

The game was funded with Kickstarter back in May 2012, but the developer insists that the publishing deal with Ubisoft hasn't changed anything and Kickstarter rewards still will be honoured.

Pwnee explained its decision to partner with Ubisoft in a Kickstarter update:

"We looked at this opportunity long and hard before we decided that it was the best option. Really, after looking at everything - there was very little reason not to go ahead with it," explained the studio.

"We think it was far and away the best decision that could have been made for Cloudberry Kingdom and putting us in the best position to make a really great game available to as many people as possible. You guys were the first domino in this awesome turn of events. Thank you all so much for allowing us to make this step. You won't regret it!" Analysis

Has Pwnee Studios sold out by abandoning its indie promises, or was it right to sign up with the might of Ubisoft to help its game reach a larger audience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Kickstarter

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CheekyLee's Avatar


I can honestly see myself buying this one on a couple of platforms. I've been playing since an early beta, and rarely have I seen such a lofty concept turn into such an enjoyable game. He has NAILED what he aimed for!
Posted 13:54 on 16 April 2013
MJTH's Avatar


To be honest, if a game does well on kickstarter, it's a good sign to publishers, that there is a want for the product in question. It would be stupid to turn down the opportunity to get a publisher if offered, just to stay fully "indie". This was also one of the early post double fine, kickstarter successes, so it's not like they had a publisher all along if they are just announcing it now.

As long as the backers get the rewards they pledged for it's fine in the end. That's the point of kickstater. To give the chance for people make their ideas a reality via, funding and exposure.
Posted 13:34 on 16 April 2013
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