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It seems highly unlikely that Nintendo will offer Wii U integrated Twitch streaming after Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Polygon he just doesn't see what's fun about it.

"We don't think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of fun," Fils-Aime told Polygon.

"Your specific question of just purely streaming gameplay, what we've got to think through is, so what's fun about that? From a consumer standpoint, what's fun about it?"

Fils-Aime says Nintendo will use Twitch for events such as its Smash Invitational which took place this week at the Nokia Theatre in LA.

"That has value to us," he explained. "And you can expect us to do more of that type of activity, highlighting our games and providing a forum for players to learn how to play better.

"But that's different than watching Joe Blow's 30 minute stream, which may or may not have something that's all that interesting."

Twitch declined to comment on Nintendo's apparent lack of interest in bringing Twitch to Wii U. Analysis

It's almost as if Nintendo has failed to noticed that live streaming is one of the biggest things to happen in gaming for quite some time.

Source: Polygon

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Woffls's Avatar


Viewing numbers don't mean *****. Whenever I'm watching Twitch it will be in the background whilst I'm doing something that's actually interesting, and I'll bet that a lot of people do the same.

Of course there is value in watching other people play games, but Nintendo can't do everything at once, and I'm glad this is low on their list of things to correct.
Posted 12:22 on 14 June 2014
thebomb's Avatar


You barely cover Nintendo through E3 and when I finally see something from you that isn't paraphrasing some reveal, you shine it under a negative light. I'm seriously disappointed in you guys. Tuesday during the Nintendo Digital Event, I expected some comments from you guys. What did I get? Nothing. After the event? Nothing but a tweet about Zelda being announced. Right after revealing several new games, one of them a new ip. A third-person shooter from Nintendo, not gonna comment on that? Are you gonna comment about Nintendo's approach to this E3? While other companies were chatting away with journalists and showing CG trailers for stuff coming out in months, Nintendo did nothing but stream gameplay for almost everything they announced for 9 hours straight. Most of those gameplay segments with the developers of the game at hand. Not even a fun little quip about how with Pac-Man in the Smash roster we can have 4 of the most iconic figures in videogames in one game fighting each other? Hell, you didn't even said anything about it, just posted the reveal video without any fanfare. On Monday you happily made fun of Sony talking about TV and everyone else showing CG trailers disguised as gameplay, but when Nintendo does virtually the opposite of that, not a peep from you.

Your humorous approach to news and these kind of events is usually great, and, sadly for this rant of mine, I'll still watch your videos if they keep up with the same great humor you've had. But now it's more than obvious to me that for Nintendo news, you're definitely not on my list.
Posted 19:03 on 13 June 2014


I dont really get the Streaming stuff of the other Consoles. There are some People who are doing good Streams, no question, but to get that Quality you need your own equipment the build in Stuff of PS\Xbox is *****e.

That would leave People who are doing it casual, but who is supposed to watch all that? Why in the World should I watch a stream of Joe Average insteat of one from Videogamer?

That said, while I dont understand it theres obvious a hugh demand for it because everybody seems to think they are super important and interesting.
You have to give all these Egos what they want, because they are everywhere.
Posted 18:55 on 13 June 2014
MJTH's Avatar


I agree with the stand point of doing this in order to essentially protect a younger audience, that Nintendo strives to keep.

There was the controversy a few months back of Nintendo suspending the the Letter Box service on 3DS permanently. The reason they gave was that it was to stop people from sending and receiving prohibited materials. Many message boards and comments section went alight with the idea that Nintendo was acting to conservative and protective, and didn't trust it user. That was until less then a week later, a news story of a man who had convinced a young girl to send him nude images via the Letter Box street pass service was now being tried in Japanese courts. At this point a lot of the complainers hung their heads in same, when they realised "Oh wait, this actually happens".
Posted 15:57 on 13 June 2014


Indeed, though appealing to kids and appealing to a less 'mature' market aren't the same and Nintendo are doing both at a time when many in the mainstream thought that every game has to be about guns, tits and stealth.

Personally, I think that's where 3rd parties went wrong in making versions of the same games rather than using the Wii U for its strengths. I'm sure they would have had a stronger launch with unique titles and less of the 360 and PS3 games.
Posted 14:19 on 13 June 2014

yellowsapphire@ grovberg

Indeed. Every thing in this post is spot-on.

In a world where we have news stories about kids accessing porn via their Xboxes, where, as you say it didn't take long for PS4 integration to turn to porn, where there is a running joke about foul-mouthed teens all over COD - and regardless of any hyperbole - is it a bad thing if a company that aims its games at kids says "not now/not until we can do it right"?

Whatever you think of the decision, Nintendo chooses, rightly or wrongly, to aim its products to kids, and to do that firstly you need to aim it at the parents. Parents have to trust a product to be safe for their kids. And that, I'd imagine, is the core behind this. Trust is a very hard thing to regain once lost.
Posted 14:13 on 13 June 2014
addman's Avatar

addman@ Bretty

I'd say they are doing their own thing, which I respect in an industry where everything has stagnated for about 7-8 years already. Xbox, PS4 they are the same black anonymous boxes with exactly the same games (except a few exclusives here and there) with the same old tired shooters, sandbox and driving games. Ugh! I have a moderately powerful PC so if I buy a console any time soon it won't be an Xbox or PS4 that's for sure.
Posted 14:04 on 13 June 2014
grovberg's Avatar

grovberg@ MJTH

I agree, both with you and Reggie. It's the personalities that have driven the growth in Twitch and the Wii U isn't set up for that.

Right or wrong, Nintendo still thinks of its core audience as kids, and they have always erred on the side of caution when it comes to making tools that allow those kids unfettered access to the internet. I suspect there's a philosophical idea at Nintendo that a parent should feel totally safe giving one to their kids, so giving every kid a camera and account to broadcast their faces online probably doesn't seem like a great idea. I mean, Twitch is kinda filthy, and it took like 2 days for the PS4 Twitch integration to turn into porn. We can't all make jokes about how awful everyone on is on Xbox Live and then turn around and say "Why doesn't Nintendo allow this?" as if we can't understand it.

And Twitch has only even existed for three years, so it's a little early to start acting like Nintendo is doomed for not integrating Twitch support today. And he very clearly didn't say never, he said "We'll do it when we can do it well." They can add it later when they figure it out or it becomes a must-have. I genuinely do not understand how we went from making fun of the Share button on the PS4 to shaming Nintendo for not having one in like six months.
Posted 13:51 on 13 June 2014
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ pblive

Didn't mean to imply that. It's just that of late I've seen a lot of quotes from developers being put on the internet meant to mean one thing specifically. But yet people have just taken it to mean, the developer disagrees with something completely, instead of one specific part of something.

I'm also worried that even though Nintendo have had a great E3 so far, this one quote could become so over blown, that it could become the only thing that many gamers take away from Nintendo this week. Mountains out of mole hills etc...
Posted 13:21 on 13 June 2014

pblive@ MJTH

It's like you're suggesting it might be lazy journalism for those extra hits?
Posted 13:07 on 13 June 2014
MJTH's Avatar


I think this quote from Reggie is VERY context sensitive. It's true live-streaming games is one of the largest thing in gaming at the moment and is very enjoyable. If Reggie said "We don't think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay is a lot of fun" he'd be pretty much completely wrong.

However what Reggie said in the quote is "We don't think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of fun". And he's got a point there, how many popular live-streamers ONLY stream pure gameplay. Not many if any at all. When I think of popular live-streamers (i.e. The yogscast, protonjon, somecallmejohnny, Totalbuscuit, VideoGamesAwesomeLive, any number of Dota 2 and LoL players, VideogamerTV) they always have commentary and/ or face camera's and webcams recording something, integrated into the livestream. Streaming pure gameplay isn't popular, Streaming gameplay with people and commentary over the top IS fun.

That's not to say that this means Wii U live-streaming will be coming sadly, but this specific quote can mean a number of different things...
Posted 13:04 on 13 June 2014
Bretty's Avatar


Nintendo are like that grandfather that still makes funny jokes and is entertaining but seems to be too stubborn to embrace anything that has existed since the turn of the millenium.
Posted 12:57 on 13 June 2014
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