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wii u mario -
wii u mario -

Nintendo has announced three official Wii U hardware bundles due to launch across Europe in time for Christmas.

Releasing on November 8, the Mario & Luigi Premium Pack includes a black 32GB Wii U and a '2 in 1' disc featuring copies of last year's New Super Mario Bros. U and DLC follow-up New Super Luigi U.

Then one week later on November 15, a Wii Party U Basic Pack will be available including a white 8GB Wii U, Wii Remote Plus controller, Sensor Bar and disc copies of Wii Party U and Nintendo Land.

And finally on November 22, the Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack will include a white 8GB Wii U, Wii Remote Plus controller, Sensor Bar, and disc copies Just Dance 2014 and Nintendo Land.

Each bundle will cost £249.99, according to Nintendo's UK store.

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether it has plans to release the 'Mango' and 'Cherry'-coloured Wii U consoles listed by Toys R Us yesterday, or whether they were simply codenames for the above bundles.

Source: Nintendo Press Release

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