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When Eidos Montreal announced the development of Thief 4 yesterday, general manager Stéphane D'Astous said that the game was in the "early development stages". It turns out that the game is yet to enter pre-production.

D'Astous told inc gamers: "In the world of gaming there are mainly three phases – the concept, pre-production, and production – and right now we've reached our goals with the conceptual base, the story."

He continued: "Obviously, the tough part is still to come, so the team will be ramping up, which is good news... So we'll be hiring approximately 40 people in the next six months: artists, programmers, designers, all the works. They'll be working on the next phase, which will be pre-production."

D'Astous was also unable to confirm on which platforms the game is to be released, noting: "With the fast evolving world of hardware, there's a lot of things that will be happening in the following years so we need to be close to that."

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