The Ship screenshot
The Ship screenshot

The Ship: Full Steam Ahead, a steampunk sequel to the 1920's-themed multiplayer title, will be released in April 2014 if funding can be secured on Kickstarter.

Edinburgh developer Blazing Griffin has launched a Kickstarter seeking £128,000 by Sunday, December 30.

"This sequel will take you back to the Colonial Era of the British Empire, where men were strapping chaps, women wore six-barrelled guns in their garters, and Victorian England was thriving in an alternate time-line powered by steam," explains Blazing Griffin.

The Ship: Full Steam Ahead will let you dress up in Steampunk attire on-board Victoria's finest boats, all while someone is attempting to kill you.

"We have plenty of ideas for new features, but most importantly, we want to create something new and rather daring with input from YOU - our most noble players," says the studio.

And if £128,000 doesn't sound like a lot to fund a game then that's because this will secure only the development of the core experience.

"£128K will be enough to recreate The Ship's core multi-player experience in The Ship: Full Steam Ahead," explains the dev. "The new game will be a merchantable product, you'll be able to have fun playing it, and we'll continue to develop content for it beyond the Kickstarter release. If we exceed our target, we'll be able to produce more of our expansion material, sooner."

The game is targeting PC initially, but other platforms may follow.

A minimum pledge of £16 is needed to secure a copy of the game, which will also get you five copies of the original The Ship game – one for you, two for friends and two for your friends' friends. Keys for The Ship will be sent out on or very shortly after December 31.

Source: Kickstarter

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Blazing_Griffin's Avatar


We got a lot of great response and press coverage about the Kickstarter launch for Full Steam Ahead; but there were also some relevant criticisms.

You spoke. We listened!

This is the type of studio Blazing Griffin are...receptive of feedback and critique. Adapting to what you’re telling us and, within reason, changing to make our message more relevant to the wider community. Open development at its best.

The new video will make our Kickstarter goals clearer, as we explain why Full Steam Ahead will be an up-to-date, relevant sequel to the original hit.

We’ve added artwork; showing the transition of the game from 1920’s ships into the new steampunk setting of Full Steam Ahead and what’s more… we mention tea.

Have another look, tell everyone and let us know what you think. We’re interested in your responses, your backing and going Full Steam Ahead.
Posted 17:45 on 13 November 2012
EricShaun's Avatar


Happy to see Spuds Quest as one of the UK launch projects -
Posted 23:39 on 01 November 2012
MJTH's Avatar


A lot of good stuff recently turned up on kick starter, in my opinion, including The ship: full steam ahead. Games I'd highlight are:

Kingfu SuperStar: An action brawler where you play a person who is entering the acting business as a martial artist. The character uses and learns real martial arts depending on your own gameplay styles and between levels (films) you gain more skill by practising. it can also support motion controls in a bid to teach you actual martial arts.

Nightmare Tales: It's a fantasy multiplayer FPS. They describe it as TF2 meets lord of the rings. It also seems to be inspired somewhat by elder scrolls, as the game features different classes and races, and focuses and magic and melee combat.

Maia: A space colony management simulator, inspired by 70's perceptions of the future. Think dwarf fortress/ game of dwarves in space

Sui Generis: An action RPG (diablo style, although much less of a loot much). An interesting take on this style of game. Whilst in stuff like torchlight you'll be mowing down enemies like there is not tomorrow, in this game, there are a lot less mobs, but each confrontation feel dynamic and important. It's combat system is based not around stats but physics, in the sense that the damage is dealt but how effective your blow was. You don't get knocked over by stuff like status effects but because you literally were over powered by you enemies attacks. So in this game even the worst of swords can be effective if you're skilful enough. And you'll need skill since this game spawns you and enemies randomly in this world and tasks you to survive an get stronger without out trivial game mechanics like saving.

That's it for my recommendations this time folks, if you missed my last batch (Distance, Strike Suit Zero and Dysis) then don't worry there is still time to back those project.

Tune in on another, kickstarter related news story and comments section, for the next exciting edition of MJTH's KICK STARTER RECOMMENDATIONS!
Posted 13:39 on 01 November 2012

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