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The next European Nintendo Direct conference will be broadcast on Friday, June 22 at 5am BST, Nintendo has announced.

We are promised new information and trailers for upcoming games – paying particular attention to the 3DS.

European president Satoru Shibata will be your host.

The early broadcast is likely down to the fact it airs at the same time as a Satoru Iwata-fronted show goes out in Japan.

Watch live over on Nintendo's website. Analysis

Expect release date info on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, each due before Christmas. We don't expect anything Wii U related – at least not anything new – so soon after E3.

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I hope to hear more news on, Prof Layton Vs Ace attorney, Fire Emblem awakening and Paper Mario. Maybe a bit on Pokemon but I'm not really fussed.

Edit: Just finished watching it. It was OK, but there wasn't much to get me excited. The announcement of the 3DS XL was a bit meh, it has a larger screens, better battery life, a thin top screen, a 4GB SD card... but AC adapter sold separately?! Clever Nintendo... This may seem stupid now (which it is), but since the Wii U game pad and the Wii U controller pro also use the same adaptor as the 3DS/ XL, then getting as many adaptors on the market before the Wii U comes out may be a smart thing to do.

They talked about pokemon B&W 2 for bit, and a game called pokemon learn touch typing 3DS that comes with wireless Bluetooth keyboard... again seems stupid on 3DS but if it works on Wii U it could be useful. And they just covered NSMB 2 again some more. They say it will get DLC after release. That's good I guess.

One of the last things they talked about was they announced fire emblem awakening and animal crossing will be out in Europe in the first half of 2013, and that the new SSB game was being developed by team SORA (Sakurai's, creater of SSB, team) in conjunction with Namco, this was pretty much the best bit for me.
Posted 16:36 on 21 June 2012
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