Speaking to Japanese magazine, Famitsu, Itagaki has expressed concerns over the limited capacity DVD offers in the era of High Definition. He feels developers will struggle to fit High Definition pre-rendered sequences onto the 9GB format, being particularly problematic for Japanese developers who prefer to use pre-rendered over real time cut scenes.

"The screen resolution for Xbox 360 games will be in high definition, so the pre-rendered movies are going to be pretty large," said Itagaki. "If we encoded the Dead or Alive 4 trailer from E3 in high definition in a quality acceptable to us, it will easily be about 2GB." This would leave around 7BG for game data, but for games relying on pre-rendered scenes to tell and develop the story, multiple DVDs may be required. Itagaki added how shocked he and his team were when they were told the Xbox 360 would use DVDs.

"With DOA4, we'll be using the disc's capacity to its full extent. We started development on DOA4 pretty early, and we didn't know what disc format the Xbox 360 was going to adopt. So when we learned about it, we were really knocked out."

This is a realistic concern to have as HD video requires large amounts of disc space that the DVD format does not have. Sony, on the other hand, are to use the much larger capacity Blu-Ray discs, so PlayStation 3 developers should not face such problems.

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