The heavily rumoured super slim PlayStation 3 has been outed by Portuguese website Technoblog.

As seen below, the redesigned PS3 console appears to have a ridged surface and is reportedly going to be available in three size models: 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB.

ps3novoanatel4 -

Rumours point to a super slim PS3 reveal at Gamescom next month.

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TheHindude's Avatar

TheHindude@ reynoldio

Yeah, that's a good point. I suppose i'm just eagerly awaiting their next step!
Posted 22:10 on 17 July 2012
Danillu's Avatar


Little correction... The website is Brazilian and not Portuguese.

About the slim slim ps3, I understood the Ps2 Slim. It was much smaller, it had the network adapter and made 100x less noise than the original, but I can't understand this, since you can barely see a change between models
Posted 15:54 on 16 July 2012
thompo555's Avatar


That doesn't look much bigger than a PS2 slim. It's a lOt taller, but hey, isn't it impressive to see tech advancing?!

Also, Reynoldio, it's smaller and easier to fit next to the TV, hence easier to persuade the 'rents? :p
Posted 12:45 on 16 July 2012
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ TheHindude

New production with cheaper components means they can reduce the price a bit and sell a superfunbundle with family games, kart racers and Move. Sounds good to me!
Posted 12:10 on 16 July 2012
TheHindude's Avatar


With all the talk of next-gen consoles about the place (even though no details have been revealed obviously), this seems like a bit of a step backwards... I mean... I don't really understand the need to release a Slim PS3 Slim!?
Posted 11:14 on 16 July 2012
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