Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshot
Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshot

Japanese publisher Square Enix enjoyed a much improved fiscal 2012 compared to the previous year, reporting a profit of ¥6.1bn ($76m) - FY2011 ended with a loss of ¥12bn ($150m).

The Digital Entertainment Division - home of gaming - was a major contributor thanks to strong sales of both Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2.18 million copies shifted worldwide since its launch in August 2011).

Mobile game Final Fantasy Brigade is also a roaring success, boasting in excess of two million registered users.

There was some bad news, with Tomb Raider unable to meet its planned holiday 2012 release - the game will now launch in Q1 2013.

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greenguy21's Avatar


I love final fantasy 13 part two it is awesome and my stepbrother is saving up to buy the ezio outfit lol
Posted 15:31 on 31 May 2012
draytone's Avatar


Glad that Final Fantasy did well, it's nice to see other games apart from shooters doing well.
Posted 12:00 on 14 May 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Yayyy, this is gonna' be a great year for them. Buying Eidos was a smart move.

Leaving Tomb Raider for next year is a much better idea than cramming it into the end of the year.
Posted 11:56 on 14 May 2012

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