Spectrobes screenshot
Spectrobes screenshot

While Pokemon continues to dominate the 'gotta collect 'em all' RPG market, Spectrobes from Buena Vista Games managed to tap into that market and achieve considerable sales success.

It should be no surprise then that a sequel is in the works. No details have been announced, but the game is due for release in 2008.

For more on Spectrobes check out our review of the original from earlier this year.

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i used Lv.99 (no codes) ;)
Posted 17:16 on 05 February 2009
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no just use corona that are levels 40 and up. i beat gronos in 1 try with that.
Posted 12:09 on 11 January 2009
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i love spectrobes . : o l
Posted 13:24 on 26 December 2008
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well he is hard but use dark spectrobes and the will do the trick. <("w")>
Posted 13:22 on 26 December 2008
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hey can u give me a code to bet the big fat green dude on the moon
Posted 05:43 on 09 December 2008
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Jet the bomb

No, really. It dons't even fit in the lines. PLUS it don't got no letters in it!
But I need darn help, cause when I battled the dark spike spectrobe it had 1 HP and I couldn't beat it cause it was invincible. Now I have to go back to Nessa and it is [not] fair! :*{

You know I gots da codes if you gots da Action Replay!

Here we go:
All minerals
d5000000 63636363
c0000000 00000010
d6000000 023db698
d2000000 00000000

Game ID:YV4E-CD767C01

ALL Action replay codes

Max Excavation
023DB83C 000493E0

Max Money
023DB840 0098967F

Max Rallen Life Life will replenish over time
023DB418 03E703E7

First Spectrobe Codes
Max Stats
123DBA5E 0000270F
123DBA60 0000270F
123DBA62 000003E7
123DBA64 000003E7
223DBA73 00000063

Second Spectrobe Codes
Max Stats
123DBA96 0000270F
123DBA98 0000270F
123DBA9A 000003E7
123DBA9C 000003E7
223DBAAB 00000063

All Item Codes
All Item
D5000000 00000001
C0000000 0000001B
D8000000 023DB857
D2000000 00000000

All Minerals
D5000000 63636363
C0000000 00000010
D6000000 023DB698
D2000000 00000000

All Weapons and Armour And Goe's You need to rank up to use it
023DB850 01010101
123DB854 00000101
223DB856 00000001
123DB848 0000FFFF

Sorry ^ it is spelled wrong. It is actually '' geos''

Sorry again to you code loving bretherin <P.S. And yes bretheren IS spelled right!!!!!!!!!

Who loves/loved/will love/
has the slightest chance of ever will love me, cause if female I am indeed single. Pleese I'm strangly single, :0) < look it's billy.

Come on, pwitty pwease, People say if chrisma was level mine would be
level 123456789 : ^{} )
Posted 02:45 on 30 November 2008
bob's Avatar
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you lier kappachino that code dosnt even work
Posted 18:10 on 03 November 2007
kappachino's Avatar
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action replay code to get every spectrobe evur
Posted 21:03 on 26 October 2007
nick's Avatar
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i like the game spectrobes a lot and i love it so much that i bought action realpay and started playing with that i hope that there will be ds action replay codes for spectrobes 2
Posted 14:09 on 24 October 2007

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