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Sony looks set to announce the acquisition of cloud gaming service Gaikai at E3 next week, with sources stating the technology will be used to provide PS3 gamers with access to PS2 and PSone games, reports GamesIndustry International.

Sony will offer its first-party games, whilst third-parties will also be able to sell titles from their back catalogues.

In addition to PS3, the streaming tech may be offered on Sony's televisions and tablets, bringing a world of PlayStation Games to non-console owning consumers.

Sony and Gaikai have declined to comment. Analysis

Launching streaming tech on PS3 could prove to be a testbed for what is to come with PlayStation 4, likely to provide access to more than catalogue titles from previous generations.

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Ps2 streamed games would be a cool idea and wouldn't conflict with their current PS3 hardware and software sales.
Posted 18:12 on 01 June 2012
tvr77's Avatar


They should combine it with the ps+ subscription in some way.
Posted 17:50 on 01 June 2012
guyderman's Avatar


I'd be very interested in cloud gaming using the Vita
Posted 15:50 on 01 June 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I've given up on all the rumours and sources now, latest I've heard is that Gaikai are partnering with Samsung and that that's the big announcement. The Verge did a whole article on it yesterday then took it down, so I don't know what to think anymore and I'm positive there'll be a hundred more conflicting sources over the next few days until the announcement itself.
Posted 15:45 on 01 June 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Posters on GAF have suggested that this might be Sony's answer (or a testing-the-waters phase) to providing PS3 backwards compatibility on a non-Cell based successor.

Either way, it still depends upon third-party publishers still possessing the rights to back catalogues, and actually want to offer them on the service... and that also entails re-purchase...
Posted 15:25 on 01 June 2012
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