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While this should certainly be regarded as rumour, it appears as though Sony has been seeking public feedback on a number of different features which could potentially be making their way into the PSP2.

The survey, sent to Kotaku by a reader, asks participants to rank a selection of features from least to most desirable. From this list it would appear Sony is looking into features such as a smaller footprint but similarly sized screen, social networking, keyboard, Bluetooth, touch screen, a hard drive, a keyboard and an e-comic/book download service.

This could well turn out to be bogus, but interesting nonetheless. For more on the PSP2, specifically the features we feel should be included check out our recent feature.

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Tom_York's Avatar


If they add shoulder buttons and an extra analogue stick i will hand my money over.
Posted 03:36 on 27 January 2009
J M's Avatar
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Yeah, Nintendo has always owned the handheld market, but please don't act like PSP didn't make a HUGE dent. Sony, on their first try, now owns more than 30% of the handheld market.
Posted 01:35 on 16 January 2009
St_Taylor_UK's Avatar


Nintendo own the handheld market and always have done. If there is a psp2 it will dissapear just as fast as the old one. Nintendo are untouchable in that market
Posted 20:14 on 15 January 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar


I'm sure there will be a PSP2 (the first one might have had a kicking from the DS, but don't forget it has sold nearly 50 million units still), and I'm sure Sony will take the onus away from a significant graphical leap in favour of more unique tech, like the DS did.

I'm guessing a reveal at TGS this year and a release late 2010?
Posted 17:38 on 15 January 2009
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