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MCV reports on ChartTrack figures which indicate that Sony's PSP endured its worst ever week of sales in the UK last week.

The poor sales figures have been blamed on the imminent arrival of the slimmer and lighter model. Sony told MCV that retailers are "thinning out" stock of the original PSP to make way for the new model which is released in the UK on September 14.

ChartTrack data indicates that calendar year PSP sales are currently 32.1% down on what they were at the same time last year.

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JAJA THATS for the joke snake u know sony is going down great news it all about the wii u know were in 1st place ahead of 360 and the shameless ps3
Posted 04:06 on 09 September 2007
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well stuff that, the slimmer version rocks and im definatley gonna hand in my old psp and gonna get this one... :]

sony rocks, and the ps3 is greater than all other consoles soley because it kicks butt techno wise and 360 elite is still worse tham the ps3, so microsoft still aint gonna beat us :]
Posted 15:31 on 08 September 2007
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