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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed rumours that it has ceased production of the PSPgo, telling Japanese website AV Watch that once current stock is sold the handheld will disappear from stores.

The Japanese electronics giant added the decision was made "in order to concentrate on the NGP".

While this is the end of the line for the PSPgo, the PSP-3000 lives on.

Sony told AV Watch "it will continue to be sold, and we will keep focusing our attention on it from here on out."

Via Kotaku Analysis

The PSP remains a popular platform in Japan so it's likely Sony will continue supporting the handheld beyond the launch of the NGP - much like the situation with the PS2 and PS3.

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Deoxyslover's Avatar


If the go would play umds then it would've been better, they should've thought of that when they made the go.
Posted 12:26 on 04 May 2011
Rolo18's Avatar


this is f ucking horrible. I love my Go and I wanted to buy one more as a back up. The 3000 is too big and not really portable. just like the NGP will be. sucks
Posted 07:06 on 21 April 2011
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