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Sony has no intention of making the range of PS2 Classics available on PlayStation Store playable on the PS Vita, meaning the likes of God Hand and Maximo will remain limited to only the PlayStation 3.

"Users can play supported digital PSP titles and supported minis. In regard to PSone classics titles, we will announce further details when they are ready. PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point. " explained a Sony published Vita FAQ on the PlayStation Blog.

PS2 Classics launched on the European PlayStation Store this week, offering a range of titles such as God Hand and Maximo for prices up to £7.99. Analysis

Given the huge jump in horsepower from PSP - which can happily play PSone Classics - to PS Vita, it's very disappointing to hear that Sony doesn't plan on offering PS2 Classics for the new handheld.

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Much as some people hate to hear it, Backward Compatibility is only a wish for a small minority of gamers. Others would be happy to carry on and play new titles designed for the system.

Plus, not enough buttons on the Vita. I guess they could map the triggers to the back touchpad, but it's yet more work for a software emulator to cope with, making it more technical.

Software support and constant patching and updating was one of the reasons the PS3 lost its software emulation in later models. I only ever used it for a handful of games, most of which now have a superior HD version anyway.
Posted 21:33 on 19 February 2012
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That would be awesome and in some cases has happened. I know Madden could be synched between the ps3 and psp. I just dont know how well the PS3 and Vita synch technically but Id love it. I never understood why the PS3 wasnt backwards compatible.
Posted 18:05 on 19 February 2012
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The PS2 titles would be around the same size, if not smaller than PSP titles, so size shouldn't be an excuse, especially when downloadable titles are becoming a larger part of their network.

Besides, the titles are already available for download, so people are already downloading/downloaded them - all I want is for their software to be usable on their hardware. Except for wanting to keep sales up on certain select systems, I honestly can't see any reason why they wouldn't allow it. It's like when they took PS2 compatibility out of the PS3s. First gen NTSC units had a separate chip, so fine, that could be a cost reason. But the first gen PAL units used software emulation only - so apart from not wanting to hurt PS2 sales there were no real reason (as far as I could tell) to take that feature out of the 2gen+ models.

I say again - create a unified platform that runs on all your devices. Utilise and support your tech instead of limiting them - like airplay (or whatever its called) for example. Imagine playing a game at home on your PS3. The PS3 and Vita syncs saved game info in the background. You head out to work, taking your Vita with you. You open up your Vita on the bus, and pick up exactly where you left off. You go home at the end of the day, and again you pick up where you left off on the PS3. Obviously this isn't gonna work for PS3 and Vita exclusive games, but this would be perfect for PSOne, PS2, PSP and PSPMini games.

Imagine having a huge cloud of games, backed by the ever expanding backlog of classic and indie titles that are being released on the SEN, that you could share among your devices, and play anywhere.

Blah sorry for ranting but it just annoys me - they already have the tech, it's all within their grasp, but they're not doing anything to take control... PlayStation 2 Network; EyeToy; or PSPGo... Blah.
Posted 08:27 on 19 February 2012
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As much as I want PS2 games on the Vita and think the hardware can run it easily, the amount of time and space needed to download them would probably be way to much to make it worth it.
Posted 19:22 on 18 February 2012
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Sony, for f's sake if you want people to support your hardware, then please start by supporting them yourself. I'm just so sick and tired of seeing Sony shooting themselves in the foot by constantly gimping their own hardware, and their refusal to market their products properly - and then the subsequent abandonment of their products when they fail due to the forementioned reasons.

I don't want a rubbish half-assed phone with the PS logo on it that runs selected PSOne games but not minis; or have PSP games which are somehow downloadable but NOT playable on the PS3; or an ultra powerful portable units that are able to run PS3 quality titles but will not run PS2 downloads?!!

I really really don't understand what goes on in Sony's minds - instead of creating dozens of devices across multiple divisions that does one or two things, why not create a unified platform that runs across all your devices?
Posted 10:57 on 18 February 2012
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My presumption would be because they are making decent money from the PS2 HD remakes.
Posted 19:19 on 17 February 2012
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