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PlayStation 4 dev kits cost around $2,500 each, but many studios have been sent loan kits free of charge, development sources have told Polygon.

Sources claim that there are no dev kits being sold right now, with available stock being sent straight out to favoured developers.

"All the indies I know got them for free," said one developer. "Sony has been amazing about kits and development thus far."

Another developer claims that Sony is handing PS4 dev kits "out like candy".

Microsoft announced last night that developers will be able to turn retail Xbox One consoles into development units, but didn't talk publicly about the fees involved.

PS3 dev kits are reported to have cost between $1,000 and $10,000.

Source: Polygon

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Endless's Avatar


Sony does something it makes perfect business sense and they're doing everything to 'win'

Microsoft does something similar and it's a ploy or a scam to subvert it's way into our lives.

Nintendo does something similar? Nobody notices.

It would be better if the SDKs were contained within virtual machines that any PC powerful enough could run, saving thousands on hardware costs. That's exactly how mobile development works at the moment.
Posted 14:20 on 26 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


And? They're still giving out dev kits for free.
Posted 10:41 on 26 July 2013
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ Bloodstorm

But Yaroze was years after the PSone came out - this is happening now.
Posted 09:08 on 26 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Theres the link if you need proof.
Posted 00:43 on 26 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Family friend tried to buy one but when Sony found out he was a student at Abertay they gave him and a few others one for free.

If you read the article from Eurogamer the other week about Net Yaroze, you'd know Sony did the same.
Posted 00:37 on 26 July 2013
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ Bloodstorm

How is this the same as Net Yaroze?
Posted 17:01 on 25 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


They did the same with Net Yaroze machines, this is not something new.
Posted 16:36 on 25 July 2013
black_scribe's Avatar


I completely agree. I'm starting to see that Sony is taking nothing for granted this time around. They're going all out to win this console war.
Posted 16:35 on 25 July 2013
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