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Sony’s factories are “going to be running flat out” to manufacture enough PlayStation 4 hardware to meet demand, Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan has said.

Speaking to EDGE about the demand for the console, Ryan said, “Factories are going to be running flat out the way demand is looking.

“There’s an awful lot of core gamers out there now and we will be selling to them certainly in this part of the world.”

Sony has already secured over one million pre-orders for PS4 – a figure it could struggle to fulfil for launch day.

The platform holder has previously notified retailers that any orders placed after August 5 may not be delivered in time for launch day, but additional stock may become available as it finalises allocation.

PlayStation 4 launches in the UK on November 29 for £349. Official bundles will also be available.


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somers's Avatar


Pre ordered hours after hearing that price! no brainer
Posted 22:11 on 31 August 2013
Camodude98's Avatar


I really hope they secure more ps4s for launch because I pre-ordered mine 2 days after the cut off day
Posted 22:02 on 31 August 2013

KamSage@ FantasyMeister

That's why you read the article, the headline entices you! Journalism 101. : p
Still, good to know they realise they have to kick it up a gear to meet demand.
Posted 20:11 on 31 August 2013
VicMars's Avatar


That's crazy - You already know meat heads are going to try auctioning their launch day consoles for ridiculous prices if the Playstation 4 is off the shelf for even a week. I hate this because stores in my area aren't even accepting more pre-orders until they get word from Sony. Bollocks!!
Posted 16:47 on 31 August 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


There's a difference between "running flat out" and "going to be running flat out" that got lost somewhere between headline and article.
Posted 15:22 on 31 August 2013
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