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Sky Player, Sky's internet-based TV service, is now available to Xbox 360 users, offering up to 24 live channels including sports and movies. Live sports and movies can also be enhanced with the Avatar Party mode, bringing friends together to chat and emote.

In addition to live TV, Sky Player also offers TV on demand, with hundreds of movies, sports, TV shows and documentaries available when you want them.

Pricing and requirements:

Sky TV Customers: Live TV for Sky TV customers with Sky Broadband Unlimited or Multiroom is free, otherwise £9.75 a month for a Sky Player Multiroom subscription.

Non-Sky TV Customers: Sky Player subscription for Non-Sky TV Customers is £15 - £41 a month. Your subscription will renew automatically. Some on-demand content is only available to Sky TV subscribers.

General: Availability of content depends on your subscription. Some programmes from live Sky TV channels are unavailable to show online (see To watch Sky Player on your Xbox 360 you need an Xbox Gold Live subscription. Minimum 2Mb broadband connection recommended.

For more information go to There you'll also find a couple of promotions for both new and existing Sky customers.

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User Comments

xboxlive's Avatar


SKy play is now back on my 360,i want be useing its as iam runing lower then 2meg.
Posted 09:34 on 29 October 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


It appears to have been taken down. Must be to iron out a few of the problems that a lot of people seem to be having. Not quite the big launch they were hoping for I'm guessin.
Posted 13:52 on 27 October 2009
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ Woffls

Sky's multiroom requirement for Sky Player has been around for some time on the PC-based service so it was never going to be free on Xbox. You can access some content on demand through the Xbox for free, but again I think this is tied to what channels you currently subscribe to.
Posted 13:40 on 27 October 2009
cousinwalter's Avatar


If you have to pay full price for the subscription why wouldn't you just buy the satellite too... still I guess it another thing that the PS3 doesn't do so the fanboys will be happy... On a similar note does anyone know if 4OD is planned for the PS3 in the way that the IPlayer is implemented that would be cool
Posted 13:17 on 27 October 2009
Woffls's Avatar


Are you *****ing kidding me!?!
We already have a £25 a month Sky subscription, and I have Xbox Live Gold and I STILL have to pay another fee on top of it. No. Just no.

<edit> lol, naughty word in caps isn't censored.
Posted 12:20 on 27 October 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


Yet to try/have a look at this.
Posted 12:17 on 27 October 2009
dudester's Avatar


I can't connect either
Posted 12:11 on 27 October 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Keep getting disconnected from this, could be awesome though.
Posted 12:10 on 27 October 2009
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