ps4 box1 -
ps4 box1 -

A second wave of PlayStation 4 stock will "probably" become available within the first week of the console's UK launch, Sony has said.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sony UK MD Fergal Gara said that the platform holder was currently "working with retailers" on determining final allocations, but that it was "unlikely" free stock will be available to buy off the shelf in the UK, as previously suggested by SCEA boss Jack Tretton.

"Some people have decided, right, turn off the pre-orders completely because I want to have a bit of free stock on day one," he said. "Others are saying the fairest thing to do is keep the list going, and the first on the list gets the first console. Basically they're behaving in a linear fashion rewarding first come, first served.

"That of course means unless we're pleasantly surprised by a bigger launch day volume than expected then it's unlikely there will be free stock unless maybe people don't turn up. So it'll differ by retailer. But a second batch of stock will be within the week probably, so we're not talking about droughts for months and months."

Gara also said that he expects to be able to catch up with demand for PS4 "relatively quickly" after Christmas, with all current pre-orders guaranteed for pre-Christmas delivery.

PlayStation 4 launches one week after Xbox One on November 29. Over one million pre-orders for the console have already placed, with that number said to be growing healthily.

Sony announced two official PS4 bundles last week which will be offered to previous pre-order customers.


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RazorGecko's Avatar


Hahahah that could very well be true KamSage, but I don't think that so many people would cancel their pre-orders
Posted 21:10 on 01 October 2013


I keep thinking that they can make these promises because people are cancelling their pre orders, I know several people who have and I expect they're not the only ones. So they might have a few ten thousand left over on top of the ones they're still pumping out and can meet demand.
But I really don't know of course.
Posted 22:06 on 30 September 2013
IronMit's Avatar


If they are making consoles this quick it would have been nice to have some more at Eurogamer. That was an absolute joke, I have never seen such a poorly laid out and operated exhibition.

By comparison BF4 rammed together so many large screens and xbone's (probably dummy boxes) in such a small space. Titanfall layout and queue system seemed standard. Xbone had a simple yet effective layout.
Nintendo was a bit weird but did the job.

For ps4 you have to queue for up to an hour, just to get handed a ticket at the front allowing you to play one crap game and only one good game. Queues for most games inside looked like they were 20 mins but killzone had a 40 min queue for the 18 section and then another 20 -30 minutes waiting for your turn once you're inside. So that's 2 hours for killzone. The one game most optimised for the PS4 atm. I gave up waiting and just played driveclub which was meh.
Posted 11:39 on 30 September 2013
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