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After 20-year old Ashraf Haziq had his PSP stolen by rioters, SCEE has stepped in saying they'd like to replace the handheld.

The Malaysian student was left bleeding on the side road after the recent riots in London. A group of thugs appeared to help him to his feet, only to rob him of his possessions - which included a Sony PSP - seconds later.

After a video of the event (embedded below) went viral, a website was set up to raise money for the student.

It wasn't long before Sony caught wind of the situation, and SCE UK marketing chief Alan Duncan stepped in asking for Ashraf's details so his PSP can be replaced.

Since then, Namco Bandai has also said it'll send a package of games in support of SCEE.

Via VG247

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Bloodstorm's Avatar


Almost all of it i'm guessing, just don't trust any sellers from London i suppose.
Posted 18:27 on 12 August 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I guess it'll be a case of buyer beware if you're offered cheap Microsoft Points or any cheap hardware/games for the next few weeks, I'm wondering how much of this stuff will try to get shifted on e-Bay.
Posted 16:43 on 12 August 2011
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Yea, i think they'll disable the consoles if they attempt to go online.
Posted 16:00 on 12 August 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


I'm more interested in whether Sony can remotely disable looted PS3s - retailers should have records of the serial numbers of any stolen (unsold) consoles, or trace where they may be connected to PSN - bringing the buggers to justice would be a better story. Same for any looted 360s.
Posted 14:55 on 12 August 2011


Nice of Sony to do this, but surely now a lot of people will be claiming that their's was also stolen?
Posted 14:44 on 12 August 2011
Wilksy288's Avatar

Wilksy288@ FantasyMeister

Microsoft possibly??? :laugh: :| On a serious note it is a goodwill gesture and :thumbup: for Sony! That was a massive fire, and i live about 10 miles from where it burned and we can still see the smoke from it even today!!
Posted 14:41 on 11 August 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Nice gesture. An initial reaction might be blatant commercialism by Sony/Namco but that has to be balanced against the fact that companies like these do some amazing goodwill gestures year in year out that never get reported.

Now, who is going to step up and give Sony a free replacement for their DADC centre that got torched in Enfield?
Posted 12:23 on 11 August 2011
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