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Speaking to at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton has expressed his own disappointment regarding GoldenEye for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Last we'd heard the supposed project to bring the classic N64 FPS to XBLA had collapsed, despite the game being almost complete. Rumours indicated that Microsoft and Nintendo were unable to reach a financial agreement that would see the Nintendo 64 game released on the Xbox 360.

"That was a tricky one. To be fair, I kind of wished that the differences got sorted out, but obviously there's the licensing issue for Bond, even if it's something that's already come out," said Burton. "It's incredibly hard to solve because there's so many licence holders involved. You've got the guys that own the license to the gaming rights now, the guys that have the licence to Bond as an IP, and there are umpteen licensees."

Burton continued: "... but for me I just kind of thought that we'd never manage it, never quite make it. But the feeling's not too bad really. It's what it's like as a games developer. You have to treat something that's not seen the light of day as a prototype. I've had, what, four or five things that never happened. It's funny that we don't even talk about them a lot of the time, because you think, well, we might revisit it."

So what of the future regarding a possible release? Burton says it's not in Rare's hands.

"The ball's not in anybody at Rare's court really. It's squarely in the license holders' courts. It's a shame. It's kind of locked in this no man's land. There's nothing on LIVE Arcade, there's nothing on Wii," he explained.

"It's just what happens legally sometimes. Not necessarily with games, but you see it with music and films. Things get locked in this legal limbo. Even most of the parties involved, probably all the parties involved want to solve it. It's such a complex issue."

He added: "It's probably going to go down in the annals of gaming history as one of the big mysteries."

For more from Rare's Nick Burton head over to part one of our week-long interview, from which you'll be led effortlessly into part two and part three.

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lets be honest, if theres enough demand some nice little computer guy somewhere will work out a way to do this for free and all those licensees will lose a shedload of cash.
Posted 20:31 on 08 August 2008
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I would actually go out and buy a 360 just for this.
Posted 03:54 on 08 August 2008
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i dont care if this dont come out or not as i have played it finished it,so why whould i want to play it again for and buy it again,
Posted 09:54 on 07 August 2008
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Nintendo probably asked for a high price, knowing this game is going to be the s**t, and M$ said no we wont pay you that much, we want a big profit. :)
Posted 07:47 on 07 August 2008
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Enough with GoldenEye...there's other games!
Posted 00:45 on 07 August 2008
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I cannot believe that there is so much petty squabbling over licences, someone should just grow a pair of balls and say, look this needs to be released...

Sometimes the politics of the situation really does go against all common sense...

It's easily the only James Bond game that ever did the super spy any true justice...
Posted 00:00 on 07 August 2008
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I seriously wish they would just do something. They don't know how many people they would make happy. I've given up any hope.
Posted 23:05 on 06 August 2008
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kyle f

this would be one of the biggest online games iif it was released. they trtuly are ****ing retarded for not getting it out and making a killing on
Posted 22:57 on 06 August 2008
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So we can't have a game that was already released years ago but it's ok to make a dozen new (awful) bond games... Makes sense.
Posted 22:55 on 06 August 2008
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No no please I will buy 10 copies if u just relesae it on xbla please it would be so damn awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 18:35 on 06 August 2008
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