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The embattled PSPgo will be relaunched, according to an online report.

Games website Gamervision says that "according to someone close to Sony", a relaunch of the handheld is "imminent".

The site says Sony will launch a "marketing blitz" in order to spark interest in the console.

"There are a number of possibilities, and there's little doubt a price drop might be among them," it adds.

The PSPgo was heavily criticised even before its October 2009 release for its high price and the scrapping of physical media in favour of digital downloads.

The decision sparked criticism from retailers. In June last year, Chips said it: "Can’t see any justification for stocking it."

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User Comments

pblive@ Neon-Soldier32

Not so.

Research and sales have both shown that handhelds, including previous PSP models, have benefitted from colours.

And give up the UMD talk. I've owned several PSPs from launch and although I currently own a 3000 I haven't changed the UMD disc in months and barely played on the game inside. And yet I've been playing on my PSP every week day, thanks to Downloaded games and a memory stick, no carrying around lumpy bags of discs, just turn on, choose a game and go.
Posted 15:05 on 02 February 2010

renegade@ Neon-Soldier32

Yeh nice one, lets put a UMD drive in a digital only Handheld
Posted 14:08 on 02 February 2010


I think that this 'relaunch' will do sweet FA, unless they inlcude a UMD drive, so we can use our games that we have bought over a 3 year period. And does anyone carer that much about the colour anyway, black and white, seems to do fine for everyone over 8 years old.
Posted 13:38 on 02 February 2010


A relaunch with different colours is just what this needs. Colours, though seeming like a gimmick, worked for every other handheld in order to help sales.

Price drop + more colours + decent adverts and getting the knowledge that there ARE now some top download games out there will work.

The last piece of the puzzle will be to get those 3rd parties who are selling games at £30 or more to drop the prices of their games. If Sega and others can manage it then so can EA and co.
Posted 09:58 on 02 February 2010
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