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On Tuesday company officials announced plans to roll out vending machines that will sell all manner of items, such as PSPs, digital cameras, CD players, games and DVDs. The vending machines dubbed Sony Access, which stock around 50 SKUs are already being trialled at three shopping centres: Atlanta's Mall of Georgia; Flatirons Mall in Boulder, Colorado; and the Santa Rosa Mall in Santa Rosa, California.

A unit will be installed at the Indianapolis Airport next month, with six additional locations planned to be added to the test during July and August.

"We believe that we will find that these are purchases that would not have occurred if these machines were not sitting there," said Joe Stinziano, Sony Electronics media and applications solutions division senior VP. "The object is not to transfer a sale from location A to location B, whether those were going to be any of our retail partners or any of our direct establishments like Sony Style Stores or The thinking is there are additional purchases that could occur if we can reach customers more effectively."

There's no word on any such trials scheduled to take place in Europe, so we'll have to make do with the Stone Age methods of going to a shop or ordering off the internet.

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A mechanical arm gently takes the item and places it in a position from which you can take it. IMO they should use one of those claw type machines, and after 10 goes you finally have hold of a PSP only to see it smash into pieces when it slips from the claw's grasp.
Posted 00:03 on 16 June 2006
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Exnor@ MrDo

Heh, you'd have imagined they've thought of all these issues in the design, but who knows... :p
Posted 22:08 on 15 June 2006
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Zack@ MrDo

Any ever thought that your going to pay 300 pounds for the latest camera, and then it will be dropped to the bottom of a swish steel vending machine?

Owch i no i wudnt buy anything
Posted 22:00 on 15 June 2006
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I was more visualising hopelessly attempting to feed in dozens of crippled five pound notes to pay for £140 mega PSP pack...
Posted 21:27 on 15 June 2006
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Gosh, what an interesting way of buying more valuable items. Imagine having to join the que, for a vending machine!
Posted 21:26 on 15 June 2006
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