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Budget PSP complete specification revealed

The technical specifications of the recently announced PSP-E1000, a budget PSP, have been released, confirming the unit to be larger and heavier than the current PSP-3000.

4 Publish date 11:57am at 23 Aug 2011

Persona 3 Portable given September 7 PSN release

Ghostlight has announced that PSP RPG Persona 3 Portable will be released via the PlayStation Store on September 7. The game will sell for £27.99, but will be offered at £23.99 for the first two weeks on sale.

1 Publish date 5:07pm at 18 Aug 2011

New PSP revealed for 99 euros

All the attention might be on Sony's new PS Vita, but that hasn't stopped the platform holder from revealing a new model PSP that will retail for 99 euros.

10 Publish date 7:06pm at 16 Aug 2011

SCEE to replace riot victim's stolen PSP

After 20-year old Ashraf Haziq had his PSP stolen by rioters, SCEE has stepped in saying they'd like to replace the stolen handheld.

7 Publish date 9:35am at 11 Aug 2011

PSP reaches 70 million sales

Sony also said "more than 3200 titles on UMD are available worldwide, with cumulative software sales reaching 298 million to date."

Publish date 1:38pm at 07 Jun 2011

Sony stays resolute on NGP price

Sony's new handheld will retail at a price with mass market success in mind, with the platform holder vowing to keep the portable affordable.

5 Publish date 12:45pm at 06 Jun 2011

NGP Uncharted and WipEout screens leaked

Images from a host of NGP games have been leaked, revealing some new titles for the Sony handheld and a different visual style for WipEout.

1 Publish date 11:12am at 02 Jun 2011

Small-screen 3D is 'rapidly improving,' says Sony

Hints at possible 3D future for Sony handhelds.

Publish date 9:29am at 01 Jun 2011

PSP dominates 3DS in Japanese chart

Tecmo's 3DS game enters at No.2, Portal 2 at No.6.

Publish date 10:18am at 26 May 2011

Final Fantasy Tactics heading to iPhone and iPad

The War of the Lions releasing on the App Store June/July

Publish date 4:06pm at 18 May 2011

God of War Portable Collection heading to PS3

Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta to get the HD treatment.

Publish date 9:42am at 16 May 2011

Sony Japan confirms the end of the PSPgo

Will now 'concentrate on the NGP'.

2 Publish date 9:41am at 20 Apr 2011

Retailer confirms death of PSPgo

Once current stock is exhausted the digital handheld will be no more.

8 Publish date 12:20pm at 19 Apr 2011

Sony cagey on PSPgo cancellation rumours

Claims the 'current generation of PSPs continue to be in demand'.

Publish date 10:28am at 19 Apr 2011

2011 US NGP launch confirmed

Sony Computer Entertainment America 'reconfirmed' a 2011 launch at a recent analyst day.

2 Publish date 2:38pm at 13 Apr 2011
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