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Sony denies plans for cut price PSP

This comes following reports on CNN that the PSP would have its price slashed in order to compete with the DS.

1 Publish date 12:19pm at 14 Aug 2006

UMD movies need tailoring to the PSP demographic

SCEA vice president for marketing Peter Dille still has confidence in the UMD movie, noting that studios need to focus on targeted releases.

Publish date 12:55pm at 21 Jul 2006

Sony withdraws controversial ad

Sony has withdrawn its controversial PSP ad campaign following claims it used racist imagery.

Publish date 12:30pm at 12 Jul 2006

Metal Gear Solid movie confirmed

Hideo Kojima confirms that a movie based on the Metal Gear Solid series of video games is in the pipeline.

7 Publish date 3:57pm at 11 May 2006
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