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New PSP sells quarter of a million in three days

Japanese gamers snap up the Slim & Lite as if it was a DS Lite.

Publish date 12:56pm at 26 Sep 2007

Sony suffers worst ever week for PSP

Slow down in PSP sales caused by anticipation of the new model.

2 Publish date 10:30am at 07 Sep 2007

SKY and SCEE form joint company to deliver video to PSP

Initially to launch in the UK and Ireland with discussions to introduce a similar service across the rest of Europe.

Publish date 9:25am at 27 Jul 2007

The future of UMD is bright

That's the opinion of PSP senior marketing manager John Koller.

Publish date 12:40pm at 06 Jul 2007

PSP needs killer app

Sony financial officer reveals need for a single title that will define the handheld.

1 Publish date 5:00pm at 04 Jun 2007

PSP marketing to focus on 13-17-year-olds

Sony is to begin a new marketing push for the PSP targeting the 13-17-year-old demographic.

2 Publish date 12:29pm at 05 Apr 2007

EA wants cheaper PSP

EA boss Larry Probst thinks that Sony should reduce the price of the PSP and introduce a new, smaller model.

Publish date 1:41pm at 01 Dec 2006

PSP gets musical boost

PSP users will soon be able to download music videos from the entire EMI Music UK library direct to their PSP.

1 Publish date 4:09pm at 27 Nov 2006

Climax CEO says PSP sales need to improve

Karl Jeffery, CEO of developer Climax, says that Sony needs to improve the sales of the PSP to ensure publishers don't drop the format.

4 Publish date 10:55am at 22 Nov 2006

Oblivion takes home the shiniest golden joystick

The results are in for the 24th annual Golden Joystick Awards - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion comes out on top.

2 Publish date 12:28pm at 30 Oct 2006

Sony UK is happy with UMD

Despite reports of reduced store presence, Sony UK MD Ray Maguire says that Sony is happy with the UMD format.

Publish date 11:33am at 16 Oct 2006

Sony sees no need to cut PSP price

Despite building pressure to reduce the price of the PSP, Sony is confident its powerful handheld is just fine as it is.

1 Publish date 5:19pm at 06 Oct 2006

SEGA partners with Deep Fried Entertainment

SEGA and Deep Fried Entertainment have announced a partnership to create game content for the PSP.

Publish date 11:10am at 19 Sep 2006

PSP doesn't need a price cut this year

That's according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO David Reeves.

4 Publish date 1:29pm at 25 Aug 2006

EA disappointed by PSP and increases support for DS

EA executive VP and COO of worldwide studios David Gardner believes the PSP is losing out to the DS.

Publish date 12:37pm at 14 Aug 2006
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