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PS Vita sales saw a much needed boost in Japan last week, shooting up to 46,877 from only 9,751 the week before, reports Andriasang.

This boost is likely to be a direct result of Hatsune Miku Project Diva F which hit stores last week. The latest of SEGA's rhythm titles shifted an impressive 158,009 copies.

However, Vita still can't compete with the 3DS, which saw a small bump in sales to 67,926 units.

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I really think the vita will pull through and this proves with the correct titles anything is possible for a machine with so much potential.
I think at the moment gamers are looking at the vita and thinking to them selves do i really wanna fork out around £200 for this machine right now and they decide against it cause they don't think there missing much but i think the tide will turn when the vita has a decent back catalogue and upcoming titles gamers just cant do without, plus we are finally seeing some progress with remote play. The catalogue is slowly filling up and there are some nice upcoming games on the way which i think will help sales a lot. Then hopefully it carries on from there.
Posted 16:21 on 05 September 2012
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