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PlayStation 4 users have reported issues while attempting to log into PlayStation Network – despite Sony disabling select PSN features to help the service keep up under "unprecedented" load.

In an update on Twitter, Sony said that it was "aware some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN on PS4 due to the heavy traffic we are receiving, we're investigating."

The platform holder followed up the tweet by thanking users for their patience.

Sony announced yesterday that it would be temporarily disabling two of PS4's PlayStation Network features – What's New and the Content Information Screen – to help the service keep up with demand.

It isn't clear how many users are affected or when the service will be up and running as normal.

Source: @PlayStationEU

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Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ pblive

Thought PSN has always been a self hosted VPN that may of had some Amazon help but ultimately it is on Sony's own equipment. If it were ever hosted by Amazon there would never of been a bandwidth issue. Certain developer such as Naughty Dog use them for their matchmaking servers but as far as I know that's where it ends this can still be bottle knecked as you have to pass through PSN to get to those servers through a DMZ (That's if PSN used a DMZ at that point considering the breech I doubt it).

The reason why Openstack is a fantastic progression is they are a professional outfit that specialise in Cloud/Networking solutions. However they are not turning this thing around in a heartbeat as there isn't an infinite revenue stream like Amazon (The worlds No. 2 cloud service) or indeed MS cloud (The worlds No. 1 cloud service). It's going to take a hell of a lot of work and upgrading a couple of servers to Server 2012 isn't going to cut it (I believe PSN was running on 2003/linux before this).

There are so many Pipes they need to expand and data centres they need to increase capacity at to cope and that isn't just in America where the bulk of their work is currently started.

Sony know this and are aware they have a lot of work hence their introduction of an online service charge and the scheduling of certain services. I.E. Gaikai being delayed to 2015 in Europe.

My thoughts for a quick turn around is ditch their VPN and rent space in an established cloud. Amazon or yes even MS. How better to fix your shoddy network solution.

You'll never stop all outages/slowdown entirely as there are always mitigating circumstances, but downtime will be reduced significantly.
Posted 14:29 on 01 December 2013
Mike11585's Avatar

Mike11585@ Powerwolf

Ps Plus is worth it for the games alone.It would be nice to see the network run better and with time i fully expect it to.XBL is a waste of money since you get nothing but 6 year old games in return.
Posted 01:52 on 30 November 2013


Sony used Amazon Web Services exclusively until mid 2012 to help build and maintain their servers. They've now switched to Rackspace's Openstack for the PS4. Openstack had been working to improve Sony's own Playstation Cloud Network and managed server hosting, promising them a huge improvement in bandwidth, but obviously not enough to meet the extra demand of every PS4 purchaser downloading the day one patch and all their PS+ free games at the same time. It's certainly seen as a better class of cloud and server storage than AWS, though.

Yesterday night/early morning the service was fine and very fast, so it seems to be all the people getting their consoles in the morning, plus all those who bought them last night all logging in and downloading or playing online together. Time to get Openstack to help them upgrade further?
Posted 22:34 on 29 November 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Jesus_Phish

I don't think it will, PSN has infrastructure problems and will always be subject-able to these failures until they start seeing the cash roll in for PS+ and start to improve but they are light years behind however from what I've seen functionality wise they are stepping in the right direction.

This generation is far more demanding bandwidth wise than the last and it's true Sony has a lot to do to convince me and it's users that it can provide a top grade service .
Posted 21:52 on 29 November 2013
Jesus_Phish's Avatar

Jesus_Phish@ Powerwolf

It'll settle out over time, it always does. The same happened with Diablo 3 and its because you get an absolute massive load of your customers trying to access your servers at the same time.

Over the weekend it'll settle down.
Posted 20:06 on 29 November 2013
Powerwolf's Avatar


Same thing happened a couple weeks ago for the American launch. Sony needs to get it together with their network if they're going to convince us we should pay for their online services now.
Posted 19:36 on 29 November 2013
Duke_Voodoo's Avatar


The whole SEN site is currently unavailable from my laptop, and has been for a few hours. Wow. While it's definitely not a good thing, I'm quite impressed that we've managed to break it so comprehensively.

I'd guess that there has been quite a large uptake in PS+ subs today, which whilst causing severe teething problems for the new system, has got to be seen as a good thing by Sony, and I feel is - in the long term - a positive step both for the platform and gamers alike. Let's face it - we all knew that this would happen, though it will be interesting to watch the fallout and to see how quickly (and how well) Sony get it together, given how much has been staked on the digital future of the platform.
Posted 17:30 on 29 November 2013
rotan's Avatar


I've been trying to log in all day with my new ps4 without success. Strangely though I can log in using my ps3. Frustrating and disappointing but I'm impressed with the BF4 so far.
Posted 17:22 on 29 November 2013
AManCalledBob's Avatar


If only there was some way they could have predicted how many people would be trying to log-on; perhaps based on the number of PS4s they knew they had made. Very frustrating.
Posted 17:13 on 29 November 2013
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