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The PS4 will allow users to build a friends list of up to 2,000 people, PlayStation Access has revealed.

Whilst gamers are hardly likely to obtain this many friends, the figure is double that of the 1,000 limit on the Xbox One Friends List.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 only allow up to 100 friends.

The video also confirms that Party Chat won't require a PS Plus subscription, but will be free, and that PlayStation move controllers will be supported by the PS4.

The PS4 will launch this holiday season priced £349.99.

Source: PlayStation Access

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PS4 to be a shade blacker than Xbox One
Xbox One to have longer HDMI cable than PS4
PS4 to have one extra button than Xbox One
Xbox One to be 1db louder than PS4
Gamegear to eat boy's lunch*

*last one thrown in for those that remember the advert in the 90s.
Posted 17:25 on 01 November 2013
RazorGecko's Avatar


This is indeed getting very stupid and I am glad that all of us aknowledge that.
Posted 17:21 on 01 November 2013
Iliyana's Avatar


FINALLY! I have to keep deleting people to add more, although I doubt I'd ever be able to fill up those 2000 spots seeing as I delete people that aren't active or people that just add me during mp games and never talk to play with me again, but its nice to have more slots.

I don't get why people are complaining though? You're a loner, congratulations!! Besides, not every feature has to cater to you, sometimes they are for people that have been asking for it, people like myself. I have many many RLF and some online friends, some I met at events, some from uni and stuff. List gets filled up really quickly and now I am at a point where I like almost everyone on my list and play with them and its becoming hard room for more people!
Posted 16:54 on 01 November 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I've found the drawback to Party Chat is that in some games everything is terribly quiet because nobody uses the ingame global chat channels.

Other times I've been invited to Party Chats during a game, have joined, and discovered everyone in the party is playing a completely different game to me. Maybe they just wanted to chat, but it's sort of annoying when you're trying to find legendary loot and someone else is complaining about a bad driver.
Posted 13:50 on 30 July 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Cross-game chat is so useful - and one thing it is truly baffling that Sony didn't consider implementing on the PS3 from the very beginning. So easy to just see Wido online, for example, join his party, and say 'fancy some Borderlands 2?', and five minutes later, we're playing that in co-op. No messing about, and it just works well.

On topic, though - I can only imagine how often the 'XX is online' alerts would pop up for someone with over 1000 friends... o_0
Posted 13:45 on 30 July 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ LiaamDude

Ha Ha my sentiments exactly. Some people struggled with the current limit not myself though. Most pointless 1up ever.

I like the "Party Chat won't require a PS Plus subscription" line but you won't be able to play online which is what that function is primarily used for.
Posted 13:22 on 30 July 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


I have no friends :(

But yeah like BrySkye have mentioned there are a lot of folks who would make use of the extra slots, especially folks in the industry or those in large communities.

The word "friends list" is misleading anyways - how many of the people folks have on their lists are actually "friends" I wonder. Having said that, a large persistant list with social networking features that is able to keep track of who you have played with, friends of friends and such, and is able to matchmake based on that info might be useful... as well as an ignore list feature perhaps.
Posted 11:23 on 30 July 2013
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ BrySkye

Community groups like STeam has would solve all this without the need for such ludicrously high friends list limits. In theory there ought to be no limit at all, it's not like it takes much to compute that level of information on a per user basis.
Posted 21:49 on 29 July 2013


This whole thing isn't really designed for the average user.
I believe the average number of people on an Xbox 360 friends list was about 12 the last time it was really talked about.

But there are definitely people that filled up all 100 slots, especially people who had any kind of notable community presence and this is what mainly led to people complaining about the limit.
Perhaps not so much the actual people who had filled up their list, but from the people who wanted to join that list and couldn't.

Enough of these were the incredibly vocal types that have eventually been too loud to ignore, so here we are.

Anyway, the likes of developers, etc, could definitely fill up these lists if they wanted.
Though in practice it would be rather absurd.
Posted 21:34 on 29 July 2013
LiaamDude's Avatar


Thats 1993 friends spaces i wont use
Posted 20:29 on 29 July 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Microsoft- "My Dad is bigger then your Dad!"
Sony- "But, My Dad is stronger then your Dad!"
Microsoft- "Well... My Dad is richer then your Dad!"
Sony- "Yeah ummm... My Dad is cooler then your Dad though!!"

... Sorry, someone had to make that joke.
Posted 14:47 on 29 July 2013
1tch's Avatar


wow, I can't wait to hardly take advantage of this pointless feature.
Posted 14:00 on 29 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


I won't even be able to fill up a hundredth of that.
Posted 14:00 on 29 July 2013
Llamazoid's Avatar


I haven't even filled the 360's current friend limit.
Posted 13:45 on 29 July 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


I wonder how much RAM it will require to keep track of all those at any given moment! :p
Posted 13:32 on 29 July 2013
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