ps4 hardware1111 -
ps4 hardware1111 -

Sony has used its E3 media briefing to kick Microsoft while it was down, confirming there will be no DRM restrictions on used PS4 game sales and no online requirement to play PS4 titles.

Sony was very clear, essentially saying the complete opposite of what Microsoft announced last week, and in the process making the PS4 a much more desirable platform to many gamers.

The platform holder even went as far as to state the games won't stop working if you don't online authenticate every 24 hours.

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BC_Animus's Avatar


PS4's slightly cheaper, catered more to gamers, and has the next Final Fantasy. Good work Sony. Just hope you guys don't screw it up with a weird marketing campaign this time. Anyone here remember the confusing and weird ads with with the creepy baby? Creepy meat pillows? Woman in undies sitting on a toilet?
Posted 11:41 on 11 June 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


Love that video Xbox has been owned
Posted 11:15 on 11 June 2013
reynoldio's Avatar


Genuinely funny, made me do a real laugh. Silly I know, but I like it.
Posted 09:20 on 11 June 2013
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